Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

a अ
1 the first letter of the alphabet ; the first short vowel inherent in consonants. [1,1]
2 (%{pragṛhya} q.v.) , a vocative particle [%{a ananta} , O Vishn2u] T. ; interjection of pity , Ah!
3 (before a vowel %{an} , exc. %{a-ṛṇin}) , a prefix corresponding to Gk. $ , $ , Lat. {in} , Goth. &11[1 ,1] and Germ. {un} , Eng. {in} or {un} , and having a negative or privative or contrary sense (%{an-eka} not one ; %{an-anta} endless ; %{a-sat} not good ; %{a-paṡyat} not seeing) ; rarely prefixed to Inf. (%{a-svaptum} not to sleep Ta1n2d2yaBr.) and even to forms of the finite verb (%{a-spṛhayanti} they do not desire BhP. S3is3.) and to pronouns (%{a-saḥ} not he S3is3. ; %{a-tad} not that BhP.) ; occasionally denoting comparison (%{a-brāhmaṇa} like a Brahman T.) ; sometimes disparagement (%{a-yajña} a miserable sacrifice) ; sometimes diminutiveness (cf. %{a4-karṇa} , %{an-udarā}) ; rarely an expletive (cf. %{a-kupya} , %{a-pūpa}). According to Pa1n2. 6-2 , 161 , the accent may be optionally either on the first or last syllable in certain compounds formed with %{a} (as %{a4-tīkṣṇa} or %{a-tīkṣṇa4} , %{a4-ṡuci} or %{a-ṡuci4} , %{a4n-anna} or %{an-anna4}) ; the same applies to stems ending in %{tṛ} accentuated on the first syllable before %{a} is prefixed ; cf. also %{a4-tūrta} and %{a-tū4rta} , %{a4-bhinna} and %{a-bhinna4} , &c.
4 the base of some pronouns and pronom. forms , in %{asya} , %{atra} , &c.
5 the augment prefixed to the root in the formation of the imperfect , aorist , and conditional tenses (in the Veda often wanting , as in Homer , the fact being that originally the augment was only prefixed in principal sentences where it was accentuated , whilst it was dropped in subordinate sentences where the root-vowel took the accent).
6 m. N. of Vishnu L. (especially as the first of the three sounds in the sacred syllable %{om}).
a-kāra अ-कआरअ
m. the letter or sound %{a}.
a-ṛṇin अ-ऋणइन
mfn. free from debt L.
aṃṡ अंश
cl. 10. P. %{aṃṡayati} , to divide , distribute L. ; also occasionally A1. %{aṃṡayate} L. ; also %{aṃṡāpayati} L.
a4ṃṡa अ4Mशअ
m. (probably fr. 1. %{aṡ} , perf. %{ān-a4ṃṡa} , and not from the above %{aṃṡ} fictitiously formed to serve as root) , a share , portion , part , party ; partition , inheritance ; a share of booty ; earnest money ; stake (in betting) RV. v , 86 , 5 Ta1n2d2yaBr. ; a lot (cf. 2. %{prā7s}) ; the denominator of a fraction ; a degree of latitude or longitude ; a day L. ; N. of an A1ditya.
a4ṃṡa-karaṇa अ4Mशअ-कअरअणअ
n. act of dividing.
a4ṃṡa-kalpanā अ4Mशअ-कअलपअनआ
f. or allotment of a portion.
a4ṃṡa-prakalpanā अ4Mशअ-परअकअलपअनआ
f. or allotment of a portion.
a4ṃṡa-pradāna अ4Mशअ-परअदआनअ
n. allotment of a portion.
a4ṃṡa-bhāgin अ4Mशअ-भआगइन
or mnf. one who has a share , an heir , co-heir.
a4ṃṡa-bhāj अ4Mशअ-भआज
mnf. one who has a share , an heir , co-heir.
a4ṃṡa-bhū4 अ4Mशअ-भऊ4
m. partner , associate TS.
a4ṃṡa-bhūta अ4Mशअ-भऊतअ
mfn. forming part of.
a4ṃṡa-vat अ4Mशअ-वअत
(for %{aṃṡumat}?) m. a species of Soma plant Sus3r.
a4ṃṡa-savarṇana अ4Mशअ-सअवअरणअनअ
n. reduction of fractions.
a4ṃṡa-svara अ4Mशअ-सवअरअ
m. key-note or chief note in music.
a4ṃṡa-hara अ4Mशअ-हअरअ
or mfn. taking a share , a sharer.
a4ṃṡa-hārin अ4Mशअ-हआरइन
mfn. taking a share , a sharer.
aṃṡā7ṃṡa अंशआ7Mशअ
m. part of a portion (of a deity) , secondary incarnation.
aṃṡā7ṃsi अंशआ7Mसइ
ind. share by share.
aṃṡā7vatarana अंशआ7वअतअरअनअ
n. descent of part of a deity ; partial incarnation ; title of sections 64-67 of the first book of the MBh.
aṃṡī-kṛ अंशई-कऋ
to share.
aṃṡaka अंशअकअ
1 mf(%{ikā})n. (ifc.) forming part.
2 m. a share ; degree of latitude or longitude ; a co-heir L. ; (%{am}) n. a day L.
aṃṡala अंशअलअ
see %{aṃsala4} next col.
aṃṡin अंशइन
mfn. having a share Ya1jn5.
aṃṡi-tā अंशइ-तआ
f. the state of a sharer or co-heir , heirship.
aṃṡu4 अंशउ4
m. a filament (especially of the Soma plant) ; a kind of Soma libation S3Br. ; thread ; end of a thread , a minute particle [1,2] ; a point , end ; array , sunbeam ; cloth L. ; N. of a R2ishi RV. viii , 5 , 26 ; of an ancient Vedic teacher , son of a Dhanam2jaya VBr. ; of a prince.
aṃṡu4-jāla अंशउ4-जआलअ
n. a collection of rays , blaze of light.
aṃṡu4-dhara अंशउ4-धअरअ
m. `" bearer of rays "' , the sun L.
aṃṡu4-dhāna अंशउ4-धआनअ
n. N. of a village R.
aṃṡu4-dhāraya अंशउ4-धआरअयअ
m. a lamp MaitrUp.
aṃṡu4-nadī अंशउ4-नअदई
f. N. of a river.
aṃṡu4-paṭṭa अंशउ4-पअटटअ
n. a kind of cloth.
aṃṡu4-pati अंशउ4-पअतइ
or m. `" lord of rays "' , the sun L.
aṃṡu4-bhartṛ अंशउ4-भअरतऋ
m. `" lord of rays "' , the sun L.
aṃṡu4-ma4t अंशउ4-मअ4त
mfn. fibrous , rich in filaments ; rich in Soma plants or Soma juice ; radiant , luminous ; pointed ; (%{ān}) m. the sun , the moon ; N. of various persons , especially of a prince of the solar race , son of A-saman5jas , grandson of Sagara ; (%{ma4tī}) f. N. of a river (Yamuna1?) RV. viii , 96 , 13-15 ; Hedysarum Gangeticum Sus3r.
aṃṡu4-matphalā अंशउ4-मअतफअलआ
f. Musa Paradisiaca.
aṃṡu4-mālā अंशउ4-मआलआ
f. a garland of light , halo.
aṃṡu4-mālin अंशउ4-मआलइन
m. the sun.
aṃṡu4-vāṇa अंशउ4-वआणअ
m. `" having rays for arrows "' , the sun.
aṃṡu4-vimarda अंशउ4-वइमअरदअ
m. ray-obscuration.
aṃṡu4-hasta अंशउ4-हअसतअ
m. `" having rays for hands "' , the sun L.
aṃṡū7daka अंशऊ7दअकअ
n. water which has been exposed to the rays of the sun or the moon Bhpr.
aṃṡv-ādi अंशव-आदइ
a g. of Pa1n2. 6-2 , 193.
aṃṡuka अंशउकअ
n. cloth ; fine or white cloth , muslin [see %{cīnā7ṃṡuka}] L. ; garment , upper garment ; tie (for binding a churning-stick).
aṃṡula अंशउलअ
m. radiant T. ; N. of the sage Ca1n2akya L.
aṃs अंस
(cf. %{aṃṡ}) L. see %{vyaṃs}
a4ṃsa अ4Mसअ
m. the shoulder , shoulder-blade ; corner of a quadrangle ; N. of a king ; (%{au}) m. du. the two shoulders or angles of an altar ; a share (for %{aṃṡa}) ; [cf. Goth. {amsa} ; Gk. $ , $ ; Lat. {humerus} , &124[1 ,2] {ansa}.]
a4ṃsa-kūṭa अ4Mसअ-कऊटअ
m. the shoulder ; a bull's hump , the protuberance between an ox's shoulders.
a4ṃsa-tra अ4Mसअ-तरअ
(%{a4ṃsa-}) n. armour to protect the shoulder RV. ; a bow Nir. ; %{a4ṃsatra-koṡa} mfn. having a cask for its tunic (probably = a Soma filter Gmn.) RV. x , 101 , 7.
a4ṃsa-daghna4 अ4Mसअ-दअघनअ4
mf(%{ā4})n. up to the shoulder S3Br.
a4ṃsa-dhrī4 अ4Mसअ-धरई4
f. a cooking vessel AV.
a4ṃsa-pṛṣṭha अ4Mसअ-पऋषठअ
n. back of the shoulder.
a4ṃsa-phalaka4 अ4Mसअ-फअलअकअ4
n. shoulderblade S3Br. Sus3r.
a4ṃsa-bhāra अ4Mसअ-भआरअ
or m. a burden on the shoulder , (g. %{bhastrā7di} q.v.)
aṃse-bhāra अंसए-भआरअ
m. a burden on the shoulder , (g. %{bhastrā7di} q.v.)
aṃsa-bhārika अंसअ-भआरइकअ
mf(%{ī})n. or bearing a burden on the shoulder ib.
aṃse-bhārika अंसए-भआरइकअ
mf(%{ī})n. bearing a burden on the shoulder ib.
aṃse-mūla अंसए-मऊलअ
n. the acromion L.
aṃsala4 अंसअलअ4
mfn. lusty , strong S3Br. &c.
a4ṃsya अ4Mसयअ
(3) mfn. belonging to the shoulder RV. i , 191 , 7.
aṃh अंह
1 (cf. %{aṅgh}) cl. 1. A1. %{aṃhate} , to go , set out , commence L. ; to approach L. ; cl. 10. P. %{aṃhayati} , to send Bhat2t2. ; to speak Bhat2t2. ; to shine L.
2 to press together , to strangle (conjecturable from Gk. $ , $ ; Lat. {angustus} , &155[1 ,2] {anxius} , &c.) L.
aṃhri अंहरइ
m. a foot Hpar. ; root of a tree L. ; [cf. %{aṅghri}.]
aṃhri-pa अंहरइ-पअ
m. `" root-drinker "' , a tree L.
aṃhri-skandha अंहरइ-सकअनधअ
m. or a part of the foot between the ancle and the heel L.
aṃhri-ṡiras अंहरइ-शइरअस
n. a part of the foot between the ancle and the heel L.
aṃhati अंहअतइ
f. anxiety , distress , trouble RV. ; illness L. ; [cf. Lat. {ango}] ; a gift (also %{aṃhatī} f.) L.
a4ṃhas अ4Mहअस
n. anxiety , trouble RV. &c. ; sin L. ; [cf. %{agha4} , %{ā4gas} ; Gk. $ , $ , $ , $.]
a4ṃhas-pati अ4Mहअस-पअतइ
or &163[1,2]
aṃhasas-pati4 अंहअसअस-पअतइ4
[VS.] m. lord of perplexity i.e. an intercalary month ; cf. %{āṃhaspatya}.
aṃhasas-patya4 अंहअसअस-पअतयअ4
n. power over calamity TS. A1pS3r.
aṃho-mu4c अंहओ-मउ4च
mfn. delivering from distress RV. x , 63 , 9 VS.
aṃhiti अंहइतइ
f. a gift , donation L. see %{aṃhati4}.
aṃhu अंहउ
mfn. (only in compar. %{aṃhīyas}) narrow AitBr. see %{paro4-'ṃhu} ; (%{u4}) n. (only in Abl. %{aṃho4s}) anxiety , distress RV. ; [cf. Gk. $ ; Goth. &174[1,2] {aggvus} ; Lat. {angustus} , {anxius} , &c.]
aṃhu-bhe4dī अंहउ-भए4दई
f. having a narrow slit (pudendum muliebre) VS. [1,3]
aṃhura4 अंहउरअ4
mfn. straitened , distressed RV. x , 5 , 6.
aṃhūraṇa4 अंहऊरअणअ4
mf(%{ā4})n. distressing RV. vi , 47 , 20 ; (%{a4m}) n. distress RV. i , 105 , 17 AV.
aṃhoyu4 अंहओयउ4
mfn. troublesome RV. v , 15 , 3.
ak अक
cl. 1. P. %{akati} , to move tortuously (like a snake) L. ; Cf. %{ag} and %{añc}.
aka अकअ
1 the suffix %{aka} (%{akac}).
a4-ka अ4-कअ
2 n. unhappiness , pain , trouble TS. ; sin L.
a-kaca अ-कअचअ
mfn. hairless , bald ; cf. %{ut-} , %{ūrdhva-} , %{vi-} ; m. N. of Ketu , the dragon's tail or descending node (having a headless trunk) L.
a-kaṭuka अ-कअटउकअ
mfn. not acrid , not impetuous ; unwearied , indefatigable.
a-kaṭu-phala अ-कअटउ-फअलअ
m. a kind of plant.
a-kaṭhora अ-कअठओरअ
mfn. not hard , weak.
akaḍama अकअडअमअ
n. a kind of Ta1ntrik diagram.
akaḍama-cakra अकअडअमअ-चअकरअ
n. id.
a-kaṇṭaka अ-कअणटअकअ
mfn. thornless , free from troubles or difficulties or enemies.
a-kaṇṭha अ-कअणठअ
mfn. having no neck ; having no voice , hoarse.
a-katthana अ-कअतथअनअ
mfn. unboastful.
akathaha अकअथअहअ
n. a kind of diagram.
a-kathya अ-कअथयअ
mfn. unspeakable ; unutterable , unmentionable.
a4-kaniṣṭha अ4-कअनइषठअ
%{ās} m. pl. of whom none is the youngest (i.e. younger than the others) RV. ; a class of Buddhist deities.
a4-kaniṣṭha-ga अ4-कअनइषठअ-गअ
m. a Buddha L.
a4-kaniṣṭha-pa अ4-कअनइषठअ-पअ
m. a Buddhist king T.
a-kanyā अ-कअनयआ
f. not a virgin Mn.
akapīvat अकअपईवअत
%{ān} m. N. of a R2ishi.
akampana अकअमपअनअ
m. N. of a prince ; of a Ra1kshasa.
a-kampita अ-कअमपइतअ
mfn. unshaken , firm ; m. N. of one of the 11 chief pupils (%{gaṇadhara} or %{gaṇā7dhipa}) of Maha1vi1ra (the last Ti1rtha-kara).
a-kampya अ-कअमपयअ
mfn. not to be shaken.
a-kara अ-कअरअ
mfn. handless , maimed ; exempt from tax or duty , privileged ; not acting ; (%{ā}) f. Emblic Myrobalan , Phyllanthus Emblica.
a-karaṇa अ-कअरअणअ
n. absence of action.
a-karaṇi अ-कअरअणइ
f. non-accomplishment , failure , disappointment (used in imprecations e.g. %{tasyā7karaṇir evā7stu} bad luck to him!) L.
a-karaṇīya अ-कअरअणईयअ
mfn. not to be done.
a-karuṇa अ-कअरउणअ
mfn. merciless , relentless.
a-karuṇa-tva अ-कअरउणअ-तवअ
n. harshness , cruelty.
a-karkaṡa अ-कअरकअशअ
mfn. not hard , tender.
a4-karṇa अ4-कअरणअ
mf(%{ā})n. having diminutive ears TS. S3Br. ; without ears , deaf ; without helm or rudder ; without Karn2a.
a-karṇa4ka अ-कअरणअ4कअ
mfn. without ears TS. , &c.
a-karṇya अ-कअरणयअ
mfn. not fit for the ears Pa1n2. Sch.
a-karṇadhāra अ-कअरणअधआरअ
mfn. without a helmsman , destitute of a pilot.
a-kartana अ-कअरतअनअ
m. a dwarf L.
a-kartṛ अ-कअरतऋ
%{tā} m. not an agentN. applied to the %{puruṣa} (in Sa1n3khya phil.) ; not active (in Gr.)
a-kartṛ-tva अ-कअरतऋ-तवअ
n. state of non-agency. [2,1]
a-karma4n अ-कअरमअ4न
mfn. not working ; not performing good works , wicked RV. x , 2 2 , 8 ; inefficient ; (in Gr.) intransitive ; (%{a}) n. absence of work ; observances ; improper work , crime.
akarmabhoga अकअरमअभओगअ
m. enjoyment of freedom from action.
a-karmā7nvita अ-कअरमआ7नवइतअ
mfn. unoccupied ; disqualified.
a-karmaka अ-कअरमअकअ
mfn. (in Gr.) intransitive.
a-karmaṇya अ-कअरमअणयअ
mfn. improper to be done ; unfit for work ; inefficient.
a-kala अ-कअलअ
mfn. not in parts , entire ; not skilled in the arts (%{kalās}).
a-kalaṅka अ-कअलअङकअ
mfn. without stains or spots ; N. of a Jaina.
a-kalka अ-कअलकअ
mfn. free from impurity ; (%{ā}) f. moonlight , L:
a-kalka-tā अ-कअलकअ-तआ
f. honesty Ya1jn5.
a-kalkana अ-कअलकअनअ
or %{a-kalkala} mfn. not deceitful , honourable , (T.) Bhag.
a-kalpa4 अ-कअलपअ4
mf(%{ā})n. not subject to rules , uncontrolled ; not admitting (any comparison %{pratimā4nam}) RV. i , 102 , 6 ; unable to (loc. or Inf. or in comp.)
a-kalpita अ-कअलपइतअ
mfn. not manufactured , not artificial , not pretended ; natural , genuine.
a-kalmaṣa अ-कअलमअषअ
mf(%{ā})n. spotless.
a-kalmāṣa अ-कअलमआषअ
m. N. of a son of the fourth Manu Hariv.
a-kalya अ-कअलयअ
mf(%{ā})n. ill , sick ; true (?) L.
a4-kalyāṇa अ4-कअलयआणअ
mfn. not handsome AV. ; inauspicious ; (%{am}) n. adversity.
a4-kava अ4-कअवअ
mfn. (fr. 1. %{ku} q.v.) , not contemptible , not stingy RV.
a4-kavāri अ4-कअवआरइ
mf(%{ī})n. not selfish , not stingy RV. iii , 47 , 5 , and vii , 96 , 3 [Sa1y. explains by %{a-kava-ari} , `" not contemptible as an enemy , or to his enemies , not having weak enemies "'].
a-kavaca4 अ-कअवअचअ4
mfn. having no coat of mail AV. xi , 10 , 22.
a4-kavi अ4-कअवइ
mfn. unwise RV. vii , 4 , 4.
a-kasmāt अ-कअसमआत
ind. without a why or a wherefore accidentally suddenly.
a4-kāṇa अ4-कआणअ
mf(%{ā})n. not one eyed , not monoculous TS. and S3Br.
a-kāṇḍa अ-कआणडअ
mfn. without a trunk T. ; causeless , unexpected ; (%{e}) ind. causelessly , unexpectedly.
a-kāṇḍa-pāta-jāta अ-कआणडअ-पआतअ-जआतअ
mfn. dying as soon as born.
a-kāṇḍa-ṡūla अ-कआणडअ-शऊलअ
n. sudden , acute pain.
a-kātara अ-कआतअरअ
mfn. not dejected.
a-kāma4 अ-कआमअ4
mf(%{ā})n. without desire or wish ; unintentional , reluctant ; (in Gr.) the Sandhi which causes the dropping of a final %{r} before a succeeding %{r}.
a-kāma4-karṡana अ-कआमअ4-कअरशअनअ
(%{a4 kāma-}) mfn. not disappointing desires RV. i , 53 , 2.
a-kāma4-tas अ-कआमअ4-तअस
ind. unintentionally , unwillingly.
a-kāma4-tā अ-कआमअ4-तआ
f. freedom from desire , &c.
a-kāma4-hata अ-कआमअ4-हअतअ
(%{a4-kāma-}) mfn. unaffected with desire , calm S3Br. xiv.
a-kāmin अ-कआमइन
mfn. = %{a-kāma4}.
a-kāya4 अ-कआयअ4
mfn. bodiless , incorporeal VS.
a-kāraṇa अ-कआरअणअ
mfn. causeless ; (%{am}) n. absence of a cause ; (%{am} , %{ena} , %{e} , %{āt}) ind. causelessly.
a-kāraṇo7tpanna अ-कआरअणओ7तपअननअ
mfn. produced spontaneously.
a-kārin अ-कआरइन
mfn. inactive , not performing , (g. %{grahā7di} , q.v.)
a-kārṇaveṣṭakika अ-कआरणअवएषटअकइकअ
mf(%{i}) n. not fit for ear-rings , not looking well with ear-rings Pa1n2. Sch. see %{karṇa-veṣṭaka}.
a-kārya अ-कआरयअ
mfn. not to be done , improper ; (%{am}) n. a criminal action.
a-kārya-kārin अ-कआरयअ-कआरइन
mfn. an evil-doer ; neglecting duty.
a-kārṣṇya अ-कआरषणयअ
n. absence of blackness.
a-kāla अ-कआलअ
m. a wrong or bad time ; (mfn.) , unseasonable ; (%{e}) or %{-tas} ind. unseasonably.
a-kāla-kuṣmāṇḍa अ-कआलअ-कउषमआणडअ
m. a pumpkin produced out of season [2,2] ; a useless birth.
a-kāla-kusuma अ-कआलअ-कउसउमअ
n. a flower blossoming out of season.
a-kāla-ja अ-कआलअ-जअ
or mfn. born at a wrong time , unseasonable.
a-kāla-jāta अ-कआलअ-जआतअ
or mfn. born at a wrong time , unseasonable.
akālo7tpanna अकआलओ7तपअननअ
mfn. born at a wrong time , unseasonable.
a-kāla-jalado7daya अ-कआलअ-जअलअदओ7दअयअ
or m. unseasonable rising of clouds or mist.
a-kāla-megho7daya अ-कआलअ-मएघओ7दअयअ
m. unseasonable rising of clouds or mist.
a-kāla-velā अ-कआलअ-वएलआ
f. wrong or unseasonable time.
a-kāla-saha अ-कआलअ-सअहअ
mfn. unable to bide one's time.
a-kāla-hīnam अ-कआलअ-हईनअम
ind. without losing time , immediately.
a-kālikam अ-कआलइकअम
ind. immediately MBh.
a-kālya अ-कआलयअ
mfn. unseasonable.
a-kāsāra अ-कआसआरअ
m. N. of a teacher BhP.
a-kiñcana अ-कइञचअनअ
mfn. without anything , utterly destitute ; disinterested ; (am) n. that which is worth nothing.
a-kiñcana-tā अ-कइञचअनअ-तआ
f. or voluntary poverty (as practised by Jaina ascetics).
a-kiñcana-tva अ-कइञचअनअ-तवअ
n. voluntary poverty (as practised by Jaina ascetics).
a-kiñcaniman अ-कइञचअनइमअन
%{ā} m. utter destitution , (g. %{pṛthu-ādi} q.v.)
a4-kitava अ4-कइतअवअ
m. no gambler VS.
a-kilviṣa4 अ-कइलवइषअ4
mfn. sinless S3Br.
a-kīrti अ-कईरतइ
f. ill-fame , disgrace.
a-kīrti-kara अ-कईरतइ-कअरअ
mfn. causing disgrace , disparaging , insulting.
a-kuṇṭha अ-कउणठअ
mfn. not blunted , not worn out ; vigorous , fixed ; ever fresh , eternal.
a-kuṇṭha-dhiṣṇya अ-कउणठअ-धइषणयअ
n. an eternal abode , heaven.
a-kuṇṭhita अ-कउणठइतअ
mfn. = %{a-kuṇṭha}.
a-kutas अ-कउतअस
ind. (usually in comp.) , not from any quarter or cause.
akutaṡ-cala अकउतअश-चअलअ
m. not movable from any cause ; N. of S3iva.
a-kutobhaya अ-कउतओभअयअ
or mfn. having no fear from any quarter , secure.
a-kutaṡcid-bhaya अ-कउतअशचइद-भअयअ
or mfn. having no fear from any quarter , secure.
a-kutraca-bhaya अ-कउतरअचअ-भअयअ
mfn. having no fear from any quarter , secure.
a-kutra अ-कउतरअ
or (Ved.)
a-kutrā अ-कउतरआ
ind. nowhere , astray RV. i , 120 , 8.
a-kutsita अ-कउतसइतअ
mfn. unreproached.
a-kudhrya4ñc अ-कउधरयअ4ञच
%{a4ṅ} , %{dhrī4cī} , %{a4k} (%{kudhri} for %{kudha} for %{kuha} = %{kutra)} , `" going nowhere "' (%{ā7k} , 4). ind. objectless , aimless RV. x , 22 , 12.
a-kupya अ-कउपयअ
n. not base metal , gold or silver Kir. ; any base metal (= %{kupya} see 3. %{a}).
akupyaka अकउपयअकअ
n. gold or silver L.
a-kumāra अ-कउमआरअ
m. not a boy (said of Indra) RV. s , 155 , 6.
a-kula अ-कउलअ
mfn. not of good family , low ; (%{as}) m. N. of S3iva L. ; (%{ā}) f. N. of Pa1rvati1 L.
a-kula-tā अ-कउलअ-तआ
f. lowness of family.
a-kulīna अ-कउलईनअ
mfn. not of good family Mn.
a-kuṡala अ-कउशअलअ
mf(%{ā})n. inauspicious , evil ; not clever ; (%{am}) n. evil , an evil word Mn.
a-kusīda अ-कउसईदअ
or %{akuṡīda} mfn. taking no interest or usury , without gain.
a-kusuma अ-कउसउमअ
mfn. flowerless.
a-kuha अ-कउहअ
as m. no deceiver L.
a-kuhaka अ-कउहअकअ
m. id. Sus3r.
a4-kūṭa अ4-कऊटअ
mf(%{ā})n. having no prominence on the forehead TS.: not deceitful , unerring (said of arms) Ya1jn5. ; not false (said of coins) Ya1jn5.
a4-kūpāra अ4-कऊपआरअ
mfn. unbounded RV. v , 39 , 2 and x. 109 , 1 ; m. the sea VS. &c. ; tortoise BhP. &c. the mythical tortoise that upholds the world ; N. of a man PBr. ; N. of an A1ditya L. ; (%{ā}) f. N. of an An3girasi1 PBr.
a-kūvāra अ-कऊवआरअ
= %{a-kūpāra} above.
a-kūrca अ-कऊरचअ
m. `" the guileless one "' , a Buddha L.
a-kṛcchra अ-कऋचछरअ
%{as} , %{am} m. n. absence of difficulty ; freedom from trouble.
a-kṛcchrin अ-कऋचछरइन
mfn. free from difficulty or trouble.
a4-kṛta अ4-कऋतअ
mf(%{ā}) n. undone , not committed ; not made , uncreated ; unprepared , incomplete ; one who has done no works , (%{am}) n. an act never before committed AitBr. ; (%{ā}) f. a daughter who has not been made %{putrikā} , or a sharer in the privileges of a son Pa1n2.
a4-kṛta-kāram अ4-कऋतअ-कआरअम
ind. is a way not done before Pa1n2.
a4-kṛta-jña अ4-कऋतअ-जञअ
mfn. not acknowledging benefits , ungrateful.
a4-kṛta-jña-tā अ4-कऋतअ-जञअ-तआ
f. ingratitude.
a4-kṛta-buddhi अ4-कऋतअ-बउदधइ
mfn. having an unformed mind
a4-kṛta-buddhitva अ4-कऋतअ-बउदधइतवअ
n. ignorance.
a4-kṛta-vraṇa अ4-कऋतअ-वरअणअ
m. N. of a commentator on the Pura1n2as VP. ; of a companion of Ra1ma Ja1madagnya MBh. ; of a teacher.
akṛtā7t-man अकऋतआ7त-मअन
mfn. having an unformed mind [2,3] ; not yet identified with the supreme Spirit.
akṛtā7rtha अकऋतआ7रथअ
mfn. having one's object unaccomplished , unsuccessful.
akṛtā7stra अकऋतआ7सतरअ
mfn. unpractised in arms MBh.
a-kṛtin अ-कऋतइन
mfn. unfit for work , not clever.
akṛti-tva अकऋतइ-तवअ
n. unfitness for work.
a-kṛtya अ-कऋतयअ
mfn. not to be done , criminal ; (%{am}) n. crime.
a-kṛtya-kārin अ-कऋतयअ-कआरइन
mfn. evil-doer MBh.
a-kṛtta अ-कऋततअ
mfn. uncut , unimpaired.
a-kṛtta-ruc अ-कऋततअ-रउच
mfn. possessing unimpaired splendour RV. x , 84 , 4.
a-kṛtrima अ-कऋतरइमअ
mf(%{ā})n. inartificial.
a4-kṛtsna अ4-कऋतसनअ
mf(%{ā})n. incomplete.
a-kṛpa अ-कऋपअ
mfn. merciless , unkind.
a-kṛpaṇa अ-कऋपअणअ
mfn. not miserly.
a4-kṛṡa अ4-कऋशअ
mfn. not emaciated TS. ; unimpaired.
a4-kṛṡa-lakṣmī अ4-कऋशअ-लअकषमई
mfn. enjoying full prosperity.
a-kṛṡā7ṡva अ-कऋशआ7शवअ
mfn. N. of a king of Ayodhya1 Hariv.
a4-kṛṣīvala अ4-कऋषईवअलअ
mf(%{ā})n. not agricultural RV. x , 146 , 6.
a4-kṛṣṭa अ4-कऋषटअ
mfn. unploughed , untilled ; not drawn ; (%{am}) n. unploughed land S3Br. ; (%{ās}) m. pl.N. of a kind of R2ishis MBh. Hariv.
a4-kṛṣṭa-pacya4 अ4-कऋषटअ-पअचयअ4
mfn. ripening in unploughed land , growing wild AV. VS. TS. ; (said of the earth) giving fruits without having been ploughed VP.
a-kṛṣṇa-karman अ-कऋषणअ-कअरमअन
mfn. free from black deeds , guiltless L.
a-ketana अ-कएतअनअ
mfn. houseless.
a-ketu4 अ-कएतउ4
mfn. shapeless , unrecognisable RV. i , 6 , 3 ; (`" unconscious "' Sa1y.)
a-keṡa अ-कएशअ
mf(%{ā} Pa1n2. ; %{ī} R.)n. hairless.
a-koṭa अ-कओटअ
m. `" without a bend "' , the Areca or Betel-nut palm L.
a-kopa अ-कओपअ
m. N. of a minister of king Dasaratha R. &c.
a-kopana अ-कओपअनअ
mfn. not irascible.
a-kovida अ-कओवइदअ
mfn. unwise , ignorant.
a-kauṡala अ-कऔशअलअ
n. unskilfulness Pa1n2. ; cf. %{ākauṡala}.
akkā अककआ
f. (Voc. %{akka} Pa1n2.) a mother (used contemptuously) ; N. of a woman ; [supposed to be a term of foreign origin cf. Lat. {Acca}.]
akta अकतअ
1 mfn. ( %{aj}) , driven.
akta4 अकतअ4
2 mfn. ( %{añj}) , smeared over , diffused , bedaubed , tinged , characterized. Often ifc. (cf. %{raktā7kta}) ; (%{am}) n. oil , ointment.
aktā4 अकतआ4
f. night RV. i , 62 , 8.
aktu4 अकतउ4
m. tinge , ray , light RV. ; dark tinge , darkness , night RV. , (%{o4s} , %{u4bhis}) ind. at night RV.
a-knopana अ-कनओपअनअ
mfn. not moistening drying Nir.
a4-kra अ4-करअ
1 mfn. ( %{kṛ}) , inactive RV. i , 120 , 2.
akra4 अकरअ4
2 as m. a banner RV. ; a wall , fence (%{prākāra}) , according to Durga on Nir. vi , 17.
a-kratu4 अ-करअतउ4
mfn. destitute of energy or power [`" of sacrifices "' Sa1y.] RV. x , 8 3 , 5 AV. ; foolish RV. vii , 6 , 3 ; free from desire Up.
a-krama अ-करअमअ
mfn. not happening successively , happening at once Yogas. ; m. want of order , confusion.
a4-kravi-hasta अ4-करअवइ-हअसतअ
mfn. not having bloody hands [`" not having niggardly hands , not close-fisted "' Sa1y.] RV. v , 62 , 6.
a-kravyā7d अ-करअवयआ7द
mfn. not consuming flesh (N. of an Agni) AV. ; not carnivorous Ya1jn5.
a-kravyā7da अ-करअवयआ7दअ
mfn. not carnivorous Mn.
a-krānta अ-करआनतअ
mfn. unpassed , unsurpassed , unconquered , not doubled RV. Pra1t. ; (%{ā}) f. the Egg plant. [3,1]
a-kriya अ-करइयअ
mfn. without works ; inactive ; abstaining from religious rites ; impious ; (%{ā}) f. inactivity ; neglect of duty.
a4-krīḍat अ4-करईडअत
mfn. not playing RV. x , 79 , 6.
a-krūra अ-करऊरअ
mfn. not cruel , gentle ; m. N. of Kr2ishn2a's paternal uncle MBh.
a-krodha अ-करओधअ
m. suppression of anger ; (mfn.) , free from anger.
a-krodha-ma4ya अ-करओधअ-मअ4यअ
mfn. free from anger S3Br. xiv.
a-krodhana अ-करओधअनअ
mfn. free from anger Mn. ; m. N. of a prince , son of Ayuta1yu VP.
a-klama अ-कलअमअ
m. freedom from fatigue.
aklikā अकलइकआ
f. the Indigo plant L.
a-klinna-vartman अ-कलइननअ-वअरतमअन
a n. N. of a disease of the eyes Sus3r.
a-kledya अ-कलएदयअ
mfn. not to be wetted.
a-kliṣṭa अ-कलइषटअ
mfn. untroubled ; undisturbed ; unwearied.
a-kliṣṭa-karman अ-कलइषटअ-कअरमअन
or mfn. unwearied in action.
a-kliṣṭa-kārin अ-कलइषटअ-कआरइन
mfn. unwearied in action.
a-kliṣṭa-vrata अ-कलइषटअ-वरअतअ
mfn. unwearied in keeping religious vows.
a-kleṡa अ-कलएशअ
m. freedom from trouble Mn.
akṣ अकष
(perhaps a kind of old Desid. of 1. %{aṡ}) cl. 1. 5. %{akṣati} , %{akṣṇoti} (Pa1n2. 3-1 , 75 ; fut. %{akṣiṣyati} or %{akṣyati} L. ; aor. %{ākṣīt} , 3. du. %{ākṣiṣṭām} or %{āṣṭām} L. ; perf. %{ānakṣa} [Pa1n2. 7-4 , 60 Comm.] , but A1. p. [with the Vedic weak stem %{ākṣ} cf. perf. %{āṡ-uḥ} 3. pl. &c. fr. 1. %{aṡ}] %{ākṣāṇa4}) , ; to reach RV. x , 22 , 11 ; to pass through , penetrate , pervade , embrace L. ; to accumulate (to from the cube?) L.: Caus. %{akṣayati} , %{ācikṣat} , to cause to pervade L.: Desid. %{acikṣi} , %{ṣati} or %{acikṣati} L.
a4kṣa अ4कषअ
1 m. an axle , axis (in this sense also n. L.) ; a wheel , car , cart ; the beam of a balance or string which holds the pivot of the beam ; a snake L. ; terrestrial latitude (cf. %{-karṇa} , %{-bhā} , %{-bhāga}) ; the collar-bone S3Br. ; the temporal bone Ya1jn5. ; N. of a measure (= 104 an3gula) ; [cf. Lat. {axis} ; Gk. $ ; Old Germ. {ahsa} ; &634[3,1] Mod. Germ. {Achse} ; Lith. {assis}.]
a4kṣa-karṇa अ4कषअ-कअरणअ
m. the hypotenuse , especially of the triangle formed with the gnomon of a dial and its shadow ; (in astron.) argument of the latitude.
a4kṣa-ja अ4कषअ-जअ
m. a diamond ; a thunderbolt ; N. of Vishn2u.
a4kṣa-dṛk-karman अ4कषअ-दऋक-कअरमअन
n. operation or calculation for latitude.
a4kṣa-dvāra अ4कषअ-दवआरअ
n. the cavity in the axle of a car Sa1y. on RV. v , 30. 1.
a4kṣa-dhur अ4कषअ-धउर
f. the pin at the end of an axle , pole attached to an axle.
a4kṣa-dhūrtila अ4कषअ-धऊरतइलअ
m. a draft-ox L.
a4kṣa-pīḍa अ4कषअ-पईडअ
m. Chrysopogon Acicularis Sus3r. ; (%{ā}) f. N. of a plant.
a4kṣa-bhā अ4कषअ-भआ
f. shadow of latitude.
a4kṣa-bhāga अ4कषअ-भआगअ
m. degree of latitude.
a4kṣa-bhāra अ4कषअ-भआरअ
m. a cart-load.
a4kṣa-saṅga4m अ4कषअ-सअङगअ4म
ind. so that the axle is caught or hooked by contact with some obstruction MaitrS.
akṣā7ṃsa अकषआ7Mसअ
m. a degree of latitude.
akṣā7gra अकषआ7गरअ
n. end of an axle , or of the pole of a car ; an axle.
akṣā7gra-kīla अकषआ7गरअ-कईलअ
or m. a linch-pin
akṣā7gra-kīlaka अकषआ7गरअ-कईलअकअ
m. a linch-pin ; the pin fastening the yoke to the pole.
akṣā-na4h अकषआ-नअ4ह
(the vowel lengthened as in %{upā-na4h} , &c.) , mfn. tied to the axle of a car RV. x , 53 , 7 ; (horse Sa1y. ; trace attached to the horse's collar Gmn.)
akṣa4 अकषअ4
2 m. ( 1. %{aṡ} Un2.) a die for gambling ; a cube ; a seed of which rosaries are made (cf. %{indrā7kṣa} , %{rudrā7kṣa}) ; the Eleocarpus Ganitrus , producing that seed ; a weight called %{karṣa} , equal to 16 ma1shas ; Beleric Myrobalan (Terminalia Belerica) , the seed of which is used as a die ; a N. of the number 5 ; (%{am}) n. sochal salt ; blue vitriol (from its cube-like crystals) L.
akṣa4-kāma अकषअ4-कआमअ
(%{akṣa4-}) mfn. fond of dice AV.
akṣa4-kitava अकषअ4-कइतअवअ
m. a gambler MBh.
akṣa4-kuṡala अकषअ4-कउशअलअ
mfn. skilled in dice.
akṣa4-kṣapaṇa अकषअ4-कषअपअणअ
m. N. of a gambler Katha1s.
akṣa4-glaha अकषअ4-गलअहअ
m. gambling , playing at dice MBh.
akṣa4-ja अकषअ4-जअ
m. a thunderbolt ; N. Vishn2u L.
akṣa4-tattva अकषअ4-तअततवअ
n. science of dice ; %{-vid} mfn. skilled in it.
akṣa4-dāya अकषअ4-दआयअ
m. handing over the dice in gambling Naish. [moving a piece on a board BR.]
akṣa4-devana अकषअ4-दएवअनअ
n. gambling , dice-playing.
akṣa4-devin अकषअ4-दएवइन
or m. a gambler , a dice-player.
akṣa4-dyū अकषअ4-दयऊ
m. a gambler , a dice-player.
akṣa4-dyūta अकषअ4-दयऊतअ
n. gambling ; cf. %{ākṣadyūtika}.
akṣa4-dyūtā7di अकषअ4-दयऊतआ7दइ
a g. of Pa1n2. 4-4 , 19.
akṣa4-drugdha अकषअ4-दरउगधअ
(%{akṣa4-}) mfn. hated by (unlucky at) dice , or injuring with dice (a sharper) AV.
akṣa4-dhara अकषअ4-धअरअ
mfn. holding dice ; m. Trophis Aspera (see %{ṡākhoṭa}).
akṣa4-dhūrta अकषअ4-धऊरतअ
m. `" dice-rogue "' , gambler L.
akṣa4-naipuṇa अकषअ4-नऐपउणअ
or n. skill in gambling.
akṣa4-naipuṇya अकषअ4-नऐपउणयअ
n. skill in gambling.
akṣa4-parājaya4 अकषअ4-पअरआजअयअ4
m. defeat in gambling AV. [3,2]
akṣa4-pari अकषअ4-पअरइ
ind. with exception of a single die Pa1n2.
akṣa4-pāta अकषअ4-पआतअ
m. throw or cast of dice.
akṣa4-pātana अकषअ4-पआतअनअ
n. act of casting dice.
akṣa4-priya अकषअ4-परइयअ
mfn. fond of dice , or (perhaps) favoured by dice.
akṣa4-bhūmi अकषअ4-भऊमइ
f. gambling-place.
akṣa4-mada अकषअ4-मअदअ
m. passion for dice.
akṣa4-mātra अकषअ4-मआतरअ
n. anything as big as dice ; the twinkling of an eye , a moment (cf. 4. %{akṣa}) L.
akṣa4-mālā अकषअ4-मआलआ
f. a string or rosary of beads , especially of Eleocarpus seeds ; N. of Arundhati1 , wife of Vasisht2ha (from her wearing a rosary) Mn. ix , 23 ; N. of the mother of Vatsa.
akṣa4-mālin अकषअ4-मआलइन
mfn. wearing a rosary of seeds ; N. of Siva MBh.
akṣa4-rāja4 अकषअ4-रआजअ4
m. `" king of dice "' , the die called Kali VS.
akṣa4-vat अकषअ4-वअत
mfn. having dice ; (%{tī}) f. a game of dice L.
akṣa4-vāpa अकषअ4-वआपअ
= %{akṣā7vāpa4} below Ka1t2h.
akṣa4-vāma अकषअ4-वआमअ
m. an unfair gambler.
akṣa4-vid अकषअ4-वइद
mfn. skilful in gambling.
akṣa4-vṛtta अकषअ4-वऋततअ
mfn. anything that happens in gambling.
akṣa4-ṡauṇḍa अकषअ4-शऔणडअ
mfn. fond of gambling.
akṣa4-sūkta अकषअ4-सऊकतअ
n. dice-hymnN. of RV. x , 34.
akṣa4-sūtra अकषअ4-सऊतरअ
n. a string or rosary of Eleocarpus seeds.
akṣa4-stuṣa अकषअ4-सतउषअ
m. Beleric Myrobalan.
akṣa4-hṛdaya अकषअ4-हऋदअयअ
n. innermost nature of dice , perfect skill in gambling.
akṣa4-hṛdaya-jña अकषअ4-हऋदअयअ-जञअ
mfn. perfectly skilled in gambling.
akṣā7tivāpa अकषआ7तइवआपअ
m. = %{akṣā7vāpa4} below MBh.
akṣā7va4pana अकषआ7वअ4पअनअ
n. a dice-board S3Br.
akṣā7valī अकषआ7वअलई
f. a rosary.
akṣā7vāpa4 अकषआ7वआपअ4
m. [S3Br.] (cf. %{akṣa-vāpa} and %{akṣā7tivāpa}) , the keeper or superintendent of a gambling-table [Comm. = %{dyūta-pati} , %{dyūtā7dhyakṣa} , %{akṣa-goptṛ}].
akṣa अकषअ
3 n. an organ of sense ; sensual perception L. ; m. the soul L. ; knowledge , religious knowledge L. ; a lawsuit L. ; a person born blind L. ; N. of Garud2a L. ; of a son of Ra1van2a ; of a son of Nara , &c.
4 n. [only ifc. (f. %{ī}) for %{akṣi}] , the eye.
akṣa-darṡaka अकषअ-दअरशअकअ
or m. a judge i.e. one who sees lawsuits.
akṣa-dṛṡ अकषअ-दऋश
m. a judge i.e. one who sees lawsuits.
akṣa-paṭala अकषअ-पअटअलअ
n. court of law ; depository of legal document Ra1jat.
akṣa-pāṭa अकषअ-पआटअ
m. an arena , a wrestling ground , place of contest L.
akṣa-pāṭaka अकषअ-पआटअकअ
or m. a judge i.e. arranger of a lawsuit L.
akṣa-pāṭika अकषअ-पआटइकअ
m. a judge i.e. arranger of a lawsuit L.
akṣa-vāṭa अकषअ-वआटअ
L. %{-pāṭa}.
akṣa-vid अकषअ-वइद
mfn. versed in law L.
akṣa-caraṇa अकषअ-चअरअणअ
&c. see col. 3.
or m. (probably) `" having his eyes fixed in abstraction on his feet "'N. of the philosopher Gautama
akṣaka अकषअकअ
m. Dalbergia Oujeinensis ; (%{as} , %{am}) m. n. the collar-bone Sus3r. ; (%{ī}) f. N. of a creeping plant.
a-kṣaṇa अ-कषअणअ
mfn. inopportune.
a-kṣaṇvat अ-कषअणवअत
1 mfn. ( %{kṣan}) , not injuring A1s3vGr2.
a4-kṣata अ4-कषअतअ
mfn. not crushed ; uninjured , unbroken , whole ; m. Siva L. ; (%{as} , %{am}) , m.n. a eunuch L. ; (%{ā}) f. a virgin Ya1jn5. ; N. of a plant , Karkat2as3rin3gi1 or Kan3kad2as3rin3gi1 ; (%{am}) n. and (%{ās}) m. pl. unhusked barley-corns ; N. of the descendants of Surabhi Hariv.
a4-kṣata-yoni अ4-कषअतअ-यओनइ
f. a virgin , an unblemished maiden.
a-kṣatra अ-कषअतरअ
mfn. destitute of the Kshatriya caste , apart from the Kshatriya caste.
akṣan अकषअन
see %{akṣi}.
n. substituted for %{akṣi} , `" the eye "' , in the weakest cases , Gram. 122 [cf. Goth. {augan}] ; an organ of sense BhP.
a-kṣama अ-कषअमअ
mf(%{ā})n. unable to endure , impatient ; incompetent (with Loc. , Inf. or ifc.) , envious ; (%{ā}) f. or %{-tā} f. impatience , envy ; incompetence , inability (with Inf.)
a-kṣaya अ-कषअयअ
mf(%{ā})n. exempt from decay , undecaying ; m. N. of the twentieth year in the cycle of Jupiter ; N. of a mountain Hariv. ; (%{ā}) f. the seventh day of a lunar month , if it fall on Sunday or Monday ; the fourth , if it fall on Wednesday.
a-kṣaya-guṇa अ-कषअयअ-गउणअ
mfn. possessing imperishable qualities ; m. Siva.
a-kṣaya-tā अ-कषअयअ-तआ
f. or imperishableness.
a-kṣaya-tva अ-कषअयअ-तवअ
n. imperishableness.
a-kṣaya-tṛtīyā अ-कषअयअ-तऋतईयआ
f. N. of a festival (the third day of the bright half of Vais3a1kha , which is the first day of the Satya-yuga , and secures permanency to actions then performed).
a-kṣaya-nīvī अ-कषअयअ-नईवई
f. a permanent endowment , Buddhist Inscr.
a-kṣaya-puruhūta अ-कषअयअ-पउरउहऊतअ
m. Siva.
a-kṣaya-mati अ-कषअयअ-मअतइ
m. N. of a Buddhist.
a-kṣaya-loka अ-कषअयअ-लओकअ
m. the undecaying world , heaven.
a-kṣayin अ-कषअयइन
mfn. undecaying ; (%{iṇī}) f. N. of S3iva's wife (?) Ra1jat.
a-kṣayya4 अ-कषअययअ4
mfn. undecaying ; (%{am}) n. or ind. `" may thy prosperity be undecaying! "' (a form of blessing addressed to a Vais3ya) MBh.
a-kṣayya4-navamī अ-कषअययअ4-नअवअमई
f. the ninth day of the bright half of A1s3vina.
akṣayyo7daka अकषअययओ7दअकअ
n. inexhaustible water Ya1jn5. &c.
a-kṣa4ra अ-कषअ4रअ
mfn. imperishable ; unalterable ; m. a sword L. ; S3iva L. ; Vishn2u L. ; (%{ā}) f. see %{a4kṣarā} below ; (%{am}) n. a syllable ; the syllable %{om} Mn. ; a letter [m. Ra1matUp.] ; a vowel ; a sound ; a word ; N. of Brahma ; final beatitude religious austerity , sacrifice L. ; water RV. i , 34 , 4 and i , 164 , 42 [3,3] ; Achyranthes Aspera.
a-kṣa4ra-kara अ-कषअ4रअ-कअरअ
m. a kind of religious meditation Ka1ran2d2.
a-kṣa4ra-cañcu अ-कषअ4रअ-चअञचउ
or m. `" clever in writing "' , a scribe L.
a-kṣa4ra-cuñcu अ-कषअ4रअ-चउञचउ
or m. `" clever in writing "' , a scribe L.
a-kṣa4ra-caṇa अ-कषअ4रअ-चअणअ
or m. `" clever in writing "' , a scribe L.
a-kṣa4ra-cana अ-कषअ4रअ-चअनअ
m. `" clever in writing "' , a scribe L.
a-kṣa4ra-cyutaka अ-कषअ4रअ-चयउतअकअ
n. `" supplying dropped (%{cyuta}) syllables "' , a kind of game Ka1d.
a-kṣa4ra-chandas अ-कषअ4रअ-छअनदअस
n. metre regulated by the number and quality of syllables.
a-kṣa4ra-jananī अ-कषअ4रअ-जअनअनई
f. `" letter producer "' , a reed or pen.
a-kṣa4ra-jīvaka अ-कषअ4रअ-जईवअकअ
or m. `" one who lives by writing "' , a scribe.
a-kṣa4ra-jīvika अ-कषअ4रअ-जईवइकअ
or m. `" one who lives by writing "' , a scribe.
a-kṣa4ra-jīvin अ-कषअ4रअ-जईवइन
m. `" one who lives by writing "' , a scribe.
a-kṣa4ra-tūlikā अ-कषअ4रअ-तऊलइकआ
f. a reed or pen.
a-kṣa4ra-nyāsa अ-कषअ4रअ-नयआसअ
m. array of syllables or letters ; the alphabet.
a-kṣa4ra-paṅkti अ-कषअ4रअ-पअङकतइ
mfn. containing five syllables ; (%{akṣa4ra-paṅkti}) f. N. of a metre of four lines , each containing one dactyl and one spondee VS. ; also called %{paṅkti} or %{haṃsa}.
a-kṣa4ra-bhāj अ-कषअ4रअ-भआज
mfn. entitled to a share in the syllables (of a prayer) AitBr.
a-kṣa4ra-mukha अ-कषअ4रअ-मउखअ
m. having the mouth full of syllables , a student , scholar L.
a-kṣa4ra-muṣṭikā अ-कषअ4रअ-मउषटइकआ
f. the art of communicating syllables or ideas by the fingers (one of the 64 Kala1s) Va1tsya1y.
a-kṣa4ra-vinyāsa अ-कषअ4रअ-वइनयआसअ
= %{-nyāsa} Vikr.
a-kṣa4ra-ṡa4s अ-कषअ4रअ-शअ4स
ind. syllable by syllable MaitrS. AitBr.
a-kṣa4ra-ṡūnya अ-कषअ4रअ-शऊनयअ
mfn. inarticulate.
a-kṣa4ra-saṃsthāna अ-कषअ4रअ-सअंसथआनअ
n. scripture , writing L.
a-kṣa4ra-samāmnāya अ-कषअ4रअ-सअमआमनआयअ
m. alphabet Pat. BhP.
akṣarā7kṣara अकषअरआ7कषअरअ
m. a kind of religious meditation (%{samādhi}). Ka1ran2d2.
akṣarā7ṅga अकषअरआ7ङगअ
n. part of a syllable (said of the anusva1ra) RV. Pra1t.
akṣare-sthā अकषअरए-सथआ
mfn. consisting of syllables Ta1n2d2yaBr.
akṣaraka अकषअरअकअ
n. a vowel.
a4kṣarā अ4कषअरआ
f. (cf. %{a-kṣa4ra} n. above) , word , speech RV.
akṣarya अकषअरयअ
mf(%{ā})n. corresponding to the number of syllables or letters RV. Pra1t. ; (%{akṣaryaṃ revat}) n. N. of a Sa1man ArshBr.
a-kṣānti अ-कषआनतइ
f. impatience , jealousy , intolerance.
a-kṣāra अ-कषआरअ
mfn. free from alkali or factitious salt.
a-kṣāra-lavaṇa अ-कषआरअ-लअवअणअ
n. not factitious (i.e. natural) salt ; (mfn.) not composed of artificial salt , [Kullu1ka on] Mn. iii , 257 ; v , 73 ; xi , 109 ; or , according to Goldst. and NBD. , better `" (food) not containing acrid substances nor salt therefore also %{akṣārā7lavaṇa} in the same sense cf. %{kṣāra-lavaṇa}.
a-kṣāra-lavaṇā7ṡin अ-कषआरअ-लअवअणआ7शइन
mfn. eating %{akṣāra-lavaṇa}.
a-kṣāra-madya-māṃsā7da अ-कषआरअ-मअदयअ-मआMसआ7दअ
mfn. not eating acrid substances nor (drinking) spirituous liquors nor eating meat VarYogay.
a4kṣi अ4कषइ
n. (1. %{aṡ} Un2.) [instr. %{akṣṇā} dat. %{akṣṇe} , &c. , fr. %{akṣan} , substituted for %{akṣi} in the weakest cases. Vedic forms are: abl. gen. %{akṣṇa4s} ; loc. %{akṣa4n} (once %{akṣiṇi}!) ; du. nom acc. %{akṣī4} RV. , %{a4kṣiṇī} , %{a4kṣyau} , and %{akṣya4u} AV. S3Br. and AitBr. ; instr. %{akṣī4bhyām} ; gen. %{akṣyo4s} VS. , %{akṣyo4s} and %{akṣo4s} (!) AV. ; pl. nom. acc. %{a4kṣīṇi} AV. , %{akṣāṇi} RV. ; ifc. %{akṣa} is substituted see 4. %{ahṣa}] , the eye ; the number two ; %{ī4}) n. du. the sun and moon RV. i , 72 , 10 ; [cf. Gk. $ , $ ; Lat. &842[3,3] {oculos} ; A.S. {aegh} ; Goth. {augo} ; Germ. {Auge} ; Russ. {oko} ; Lith. {aki-s}.]
a4kṣi-kūṭa अ4कषइ-कऊटअ
or n. the prominent part of the forehead above the eye Ya1jn5. &c.
a4kṣi-kūṭaka अ4कषइ-कऊटअकअ
n. the prominent part of the forehead above the eye Ya1jn5. &c.
a4kṣi-gata अ4कषइ-गअतअ
mfn. presented to the eye , visible , seen ; hated MBh. &c.
a4kṣi-gola अ4कषइ-गओलअ
m. the eyeball.
a4kṣi-jāha अ4कषइ-जआहअ
n. the root of the eye.
a4kṣi-tārā अ4कषइ-तआरआ
f. the pupil of the eye.
a4kṣi-nikāṇam अ4कषइ-नइकआणअम
ind. with half-closed eyes Pa1n2. 3-4 , 54 Sch. ; also %{nikāṇam-akṣi} id.
a4kṣi-nimeṣa अ4कषइ-नइमएषअ
m. twinkling of an eye , a moment Sus3r.
a4kṣi-pakṣman अ4कषइ-पअकषमअन
n. the eye lash.
a4kṣi-paṭala अ4कषइ-पअटअलअ
n. coat of the eye L.
a4kṣi-pa4t अ4कषइ-पअ4त
ind. as much as could fall into the eyes , a little RV. vi , 16 , 18 and x , 119 , 6.
a4kṣi-pāka अ4कषइ-पआकअ
m. inflammation of the eyes Sus3r.
a4kṣi-bhu अ4कषइ-भउ
mfn. visible , perceptible , manifest AV. xx , 136 , 4 VS.
a4kṣi-bheṣaja अ4कषइ-भएषअजअ
n. medicament for the eyes , collyrium , &c. ; m. a tree , Red Lodh.
a4kṣi-bhruva अ4कषइ-भरउवअ
n. the eyes and eyebrows together.
a4kṣi-mat अ4कषइ-मअत
mfn. possessing eyes.
a4kṣi-loman अ4कषइ-लओमअन
n: the eyelash.
a4kṣi-vikūṇita अ4कषइ-वइकऊणइतअ
n. a glance with the eye-lids partially closed.
a4kṣi-saṃtarjana अ4कषइ-सअंतअरजअनअ
(probably n.)N. of a mythic weapon MBh.
akṣy-āmaya4 अकषय-आमअयअ4
m. disease of the eye S3Br. Ka1tySr.
akṣyāmayin अकषयआमअयइन
mfn. having a disease of the eye PBr.
akṣa-pad अकषअ-पअद
or m. (probably) `" having his eyes fixed in abstraction on his feet "'N. of the philosopher Gautama
akṣa-pāda अकषअ-पआदअ
m. (probably) `" having his eyes fixed in abstraction on his feet "'N. of the philosopher Gautama ; cf. %{ākṣapāda}.
akṣan-va4t अकषअन-वअ4त
mfn. having eyes RV. ; (for 1. see col. 2.) [4,1]
akṣika अकषइकअ
or m. the tree Dalbergia Oujeinensis L.
akṣīka अकषईकअ
m. the tree Dalbergia Oujeinensis L. ; see %{akṣaka}.
m. L. ; see %{akṣika}.
akṣiṇī अकषइणई
f. one of the eight conditions or privileges attached to landed property L.
a-kṣi4t अ-कषइ4त
mfn. imperishable , not lost MaitrS.
a4-kṣita अ4-कषइतअ
mfn. undecayed , uninjured , undecaying ; (%{am}) n. water L. ; the number 100000 millions PBr.
a-kṣitā-vasu अ-कषइतआ-वअसउ
m. `" possessed of undecaying wealth "' , N. of Indra RV. viii , 49 ,6.
a4kṣito7ti अ4कषइतओ7तइ
m. `" granting permanent help "'N. of Indra RV.
a4-kṣiti अ4-कषइतइ
f. imperishableness AV. &c. ; (mfn.) , imperishable RV.
akṣiba अकषइबअ
m. L. ; see %{akṣība}.
a4-kṣiyat अ4-कषइयअत
mfn. not inhabiting , destitute of a dwelling , unsettled (`" not decreasing in riches "' Sa1y.) RV. iv , 17 , 13.
a4-kṣīṇa अ4-कषईणअ
mfn. not perishing or failing S3Br. ; not waning (the moon) S3Br. ; not diminishing in weight Ya1jn5. ; N. of a son of Vis3va1mitra MBh.
akṣība अकषईबअ
and %{akṣiba} mfn. not intoxicated , sober L. ; m. Guilandina or Hyperanthera Moringa L. ; (%{am}) n. sea salt L.
a4kṣu अ4कषउ
m. a kind of net RV. i , 180 , 5 AV. The NBD. suggests `" axle of a car "' , making %{a4kṣu} = %{a4kṣa}.
a-kṣuṇṇa अ-कषउणणअ
mfn. unbroken , uncurtailed ; not trite , new Ma1lati1m. ; permanent ; unconquered ; inexperienced , inexpert.
a-kṣuṇṇa-tā अ-कषउणणअ-तआ
f. uncurtailed condition ; inexperience.
a-kṣudra अ-कषउदरअ
mfn. not small ; not low or vulgar MBh.
a4-kṣudh अ4-कषउध
f. satiety VS.
a-kṣudhya4 अ-कषउधयअ4
mfn. not liable to hunger AV.
a-kṣodhuka अ-कषओधउकअ
mfn. not hungry MaitrS.
a4-kṣetra अ4-कषएतरअ
mfn. destitute of fields , uncultivated S3Br. ; (%{am}) n. a bad field Mn. x , 71 ; a bad geometrical figure.
a4-kṣetra-jña अ4-कषएतरअ-जञअ
[Pa1n2. 7-3 , 30] or not finding out the way
a4-kṣetra-vid अ4-कषएतरअ-वइद
[%{a4kṣ-} RV. v , 40 , 5 and x , 32 , 7] , not finding out the way ; destitute of spiritual knowledge.
a-kṣetrin अ-कषएतरइन
mfn. having no fields Mn. ix , 49 and 51.
a-kṣaitrajñya अ-कषऐतरअजञयअ
n. spiritual ignorance Pa1n2. 7-3 , 30 ; see %{ākṣ-}.
akṣoṭa अकषओटअ
m. a walnut (Pistacio nut?) Ragh. ; the tree Pi1lu ; the tree Aleurites Triloba. Also spelt %{akṣoḍa} (Sus3r.) , %{akṣoḍaka} , %{ākṣoṭa} , %{ākṣoḍaka} , %{ākhoṭa}.
a-kṣobha अ-कषओभअ
mfn. unagitated , unmoved m. the post to which an elephant is tied , freedom from agitation , imperturbability.
a-kṣobhya अ-कषओभयअ
mfn. immovable , imperturbable ; m. N. of a Buddha of an author , an immense number , said by Buddhists to be 100 vivaras.
akṣauhiṇī अकषऔहइणई
f. an army consisting of ten anikinis , or 21 , 870 elephants , 21 , 870 chariots , 65 , 610 horse , and 109 , 350 foot. (Since an anikini consists of 27 va1hinis , and 27 is the cube of 3 , %{akṣauhiṇī} may be a compound of 2. %{akṣa} and %{vāhini} ; or it may possibly be connected with 1. %{akṣa} , axle , car.)
akṣṇa अकषणअ
n. = %{a-khaṇḍa} Un2. Sch.
akṣṇa-yā4van अकषणअ-यआ4वअन
mfn. going across RV. viii , 7 , 35.
akṣṇayā4 अकषणअयआ4
instr. ind. transversely S3Br. (Sch. circuitously , like a wheel!) ; wrongly S3Br. xiv ; diagonally S3ulbas.
akṣṇayā4-kṛta अकषणअयआ4-कऋतअ
(%{akṣṇayā4-}) mfn. done wrongly S3Br.
akṣṇayā4-deṡa4 अकषणअयआ4-दएशअ4
m. an intermediate region S3Br.
akṣṇayā4-druh अकषणअयआ4-दरउह
mfn. injuring wrongly or in a bad way RV. i , 122 , 9.
akṣṇayā4-rajju अकषणअयआ4-रअजजउ
f. diagonal line Sulbas.
akṣṇayā4-stomī4yā अकषणअयआ4-सतओमई4यआ
f. N. of an Isht2aka1 TS. S3Br.
akhaṭṭa अखअटटअ
m. Buchanania Latifolia.
akhaṭṭi अखअटटइ
m. childish whim L.
a-khaṇḍa अ-खअणडअ
mfn. not fragmentary , entire , whole , (%{am}) , n. time L. ; (%{a-khaṇḍā dvā daṡī}) , the twelfth day of the first half of the month Ma1rgas3i1rsha. [4,2]
a-khaṇḍana अ-खअणडअनअ
n. not breaking , leaving entire L. ; non-refutation , admission L. ; m. time L.
a-khaṇḍita अ-खअणडइतअ
mfn. unbroken , undivided , unimpaired ; unrefuted.
a-khaṇḍita-rtu अ-खअणडइतअ-रतउ
(%{ṛtu}) mfn. `" not breaking the season "' , bearing seasonable fruits.
a4-khanat अ4-खअनअत
mfn. not digging RV. x , 101 , 11.
a4-kharva अ4-खअरवअ
mfn. not shortened or mutilated RV. vii , 32 , 13 ; not small , important ; also %{a-kharvan} Hcat. ; (%{ā}) f. N. of a plant L.
a4-khāta अ4-खआतअ
mfn. unburied AV. ; (%{as} , %{am}) m. n. a natural pond or lake , a pool before a temple L.
a-khādya अ-खआदयअ
mfn. uneatable.
a4-khidra अ4-खइदरअ
mfn. (%{ā})n. not weak TS. &c.
a4-khidra-yāman अ4-खइदरअ-यआमअन
(%{a4khidra-}) mfn. unwearied in course RV. i , 38. 11.
a-khila अ-खइलअ
mf(%{ā})n. without a gap , complete , whole ; (%{ena}) ind. completely.
akhilā7tman अखइलआ7तमअन
m. the universal Spirit , Brahma.
akhilīkṛ अखइलईकऋ
%{-kṛtya} ind. p. not having annihilated or rendered powerless S3is3. ii , 34.
akheṭika अखएटइकअ
or %{ākheṭika} m. a dog trained to the chase.
a-khedin अ-खएदइन
mfn. not wearisome , unwearied.
akhedi-tva अखएदइ-तवअ
n. continuous flow (of speech) , one of the %{vāg-guṇas} of Maha1vira Jain.
akhkhala अखखअलअ
ind. an exclamation of Joy Sa1y. on RV. vii , 103 , 3.
akhkhalī-kṛ4tyā अखखअलई-कऋ4तयआ
Ved. ind. p. (1. %{kṛ}) , uttering the exclamation %{akhkhala} RV. vii , 103 , 3.
a-khyāta अ-खयआतअ
mfn. not famous , unknown.
a-khyāti अ-खयआतइ
f. infamy. bad repute , disgrace.
a-khyāti-kara अ-खयआतइ-कअरअ
mfn. causing infamy , disgraceful.
ag अग
cl. 1. P. %{agati} , to move tortuously , wind L.: Caus. %{agayati} L. ; cf. %{aṅg}.
aga अगअ
1 m. a snake [in this sense perhaps rather a-ga] L. ; the sun L. ; a water-jar L.
a-ga अ-गअ
2 mfn. ( %{gam}). unable to walk Pa1n2. 6-3 , 77 Sch. ; m. a mountain ; a tree ; the number seven.
a-ga-ja अ-गअ-जअ
mfn. produced on a mountain , or from a tree ; (%{ā}) f. N. of Pa1rvati , daughter of Hima1laya ; (%{am}) n. bitumen.
agā7tma-jā अगआ7तमअ-जआ
f. = %{aga-jā} Kir.
agā7vaha अगआ7वअहअ
m. N. of a son of Vasudeva , and of others Hariv.
agau9kas अगऔ9कअस
m. `" mountain-dweller "' , a lion ; `" tree-dweller "' , a bird ; the Sarabha q.v.
a-gaccha अ-गअचछअ
mfn. not going L. ; m. a tree L.
a-gaṇita अ-गअणइतअ
mfn. uncounted ; inconsiderable VP.
a-gaṇita-pratiyāta अ-गअणइतअ-परअतइयआतअ
mfn. returned without (or because of not) having been noticed S3is3.
a-gaṇita-lajja अ-गअणइतअ-लअजजअ
mfn. disregarding shame.
a4-gata अ4-गअतअ
mfn. not gone ; (%{am}) n. not yet frequented , the dominion of death AV.
a-gati अ-गअतइ
mfn. not going , halting , without resource , helpless , (%{is}) f. stoppage R. ; want of resort or resource , unsuccessfulness Vikr. , not cohabiting with a woman.
a-gatika अ-गअतइकअ
mf(%{ā})n. without resort or resources Katha1s.
mf(%{ā})n. not to be walked on (as an evil path) MBh.
a-gatika-gati अ-गअतइकअ-गअतइ
f. the resort of one who has no resort , a last resource Ya1jn5. i , 345.
a-gada4 अ-गअदअ4
mfn. free from disease healthy RV. &c. ; free from affliction m. free dom from disease Mn. ; a medicine , drug , (especially) antidote Mn.
agadaṃ-kāra अगअदअं-कआरअ
m. a physician Naish.
agada-veda अगअदअ-वएदअ
m. medical science Car.
a-gadya अ-गअदयअ
Nom. P. %{agadyati} , to have good health , (g. %{kaṇḍv-ādi} q.v.) ; to heal ib.
a-gadita अ-गअदइतअ
mfn. untold
a-gandhā अ-गअनधआ
mfn. without smell.
a-gama अ-गअमअ
mfn. not going , unable to go m. a mountain L.: a tree [ef. %{a-ga}].
a-gamya अ-गअमयअ
mfn. unfit to be walked in , or to be approached ; not to be approached (sexually) ; inaccessible ; unattainable [4,3] ; unintelligible ; unsuitable.
a-gamya-gā अ-गअमयअ-गआ
f. a woman who has illicit intercourse with a man VarBr2.
a-gamya-rūpa अ-गअमयअ-रऊपअ
mfn. of unsurpassed form.
a-gamyā अ-गअमयआ
f. a woman with whom cohabitation is forbidden.
a-gamyā-gamana अ-गअमयआ-गअमअनअ
n. illicit intercourse with a woman.
a-gamyā-gamanīya अ-गअमयआ-गअमअनईयअ
mfn. relating to it Mn. xi , 169.
a-gamyā-gāmin अ-गअमयआ-गआमइन
mfn. practising it Gaut.
a-garī अ-गअरई
f. a kind of grass (Deotar , Andropogon Serratus) L. ; [cf. %{garī}.]
aga-ru अगअ-रउ
%{us} , %{u} , m.n. Agallochum , Amyris Agallocha ; cf. %{aguru}.
a4-garta-mit अ4-गअरतअ-मइत
(cf. %{garta-mi4t}) mfn. not buried in a hole S3Br.
a-garta-skandya अ-गअरतअ-सकअनदयअ
mfn. `" not having holes to be lept over "' , not offering hindrances S3a1n3khBr.
a-garva अ-गअरवअ
mfn. free from pride.
a-garhita अ-गअरहइतअ
mfn. undespised , unreproached , blameless.
a-gavyūti4 अ-गअवयऊतइ4
mfn. without good pasturage for cattle , barren RV. vi , 47 , 20.
aga4sti अगअ4सतइ
m. (according to Un2. iv , 179 fr. 2. %{a-ga} , a mountain , and %{asti} , thrower , 2. %{as}). N. of a R2ishi (author of several Vedic hymns ; said to have been the son of both Mitra and Varun2a by Urvas3i1 ; to have been born in a water-jar ; to have been of short stature ; to have swallowed the ocean , and compelled the Vindhya mountains to prostrate themselves before him ; to have conquered and civilized the South ; to have written on medicine , &c.) ; the star Canopus (of which Agastya is the regent , said to be the `" cleanser of water "' , because of turbid waters becoming clean at its rising Ragh. xiii , 36) ; Agasti Grandiflora Sus3r. [also %{-dru} f. L.] ; (%{ayas}) m. pl. the descendants of Agastya ; (%{ī}) f. a female descendant of Agastya Pa1n2. 6-4 , 149 Sch.
agastīya अगअसतईयअ
mfn. relating to Agasti Pa1n2. 6-4 , 149 Comm.
aga4stya अगअ4सतयअ
(3 , 4) m. = %{aga4sti} ; N. of S3iva L.
aga4stya-gītā अगअ4सतयअ-गईतआ
%{ās} f. pl. Agastya's hymns , forming part of the A1di-va1ra1ha-Pura1n2a.
aga4stya-cāra अगअ4सतयअ-चआरअ
m. the path of Canopus.
aga4stya-mārga अगअ4सतयअ-मआरगअ
m. the path of Agastya (Canopus) , i.e. the South.
aga4stya-saṃhitā अगअ4सतयअ-सअंहइतआ
f. N. of an old compendium of the Tantra literature.
agastyo7daya अगअसतयओ7दअयअ
m. the rising of Canopus ; the seventh day of the second half of Bha1dra.
a-gā अ-गआ
%{ās} mf. (Ved.) not going Pa1n2. 3-2 , 67 Sch.
a-gātṛ अ-गआतऋ
%{tā} m. a bad singer Ta1n2d2yaBr.
a-gādha अ-गआधअ
mf(%{ā})n. not shallow , deep , unfathomable m. a hole , chasm L. ; N. of one of the five fires at the Svadha1ka1ra Hariv.
a-gādha-jala अ-गआधअ-जअलअ
mfn. having deep water , (%{am}) n. deep water.
a-gādha-rudhira अ-गआधअ-रउधइरअ
n. a vast quantity of blood Das3.
a-gādhi-tva अ-गआधइ-तवअ
n. depth Comm. on S3is3. i , 55.
agāra अगआरअ
(rarely %{as} , m.) n. house , apartment [cf. %{āgāra}].
agāra-dāhin अगआरअ-दआहइन
m. `" house-burner an incendiary Gaut.
agārin अगआरइन
mfn. possessing a house , (%{ī}) m. a house holder, layman (cf %{an-agārin}) Jain.
agira अगइरअ
m. ( %{ag}) , the sun L. , fire L. ; a Ra1kshasa L.
a4-girau9kas अ4-गइरऔ9कअस
mfn. (%{girā} instr. of %{gir} , and %{okas}) , not to be kept back by hymnsN. of the Maruts RV. i , 135 , 9
a4-gu अ4-गउ
mfn. (fr. go with %{a}) , destitute of cows , poor RV. viii , 2 , 14 ; (%{us}) m. `" destitute of rays "'N. of Ra1hu the ascending node.
a-go अ-गओ
f. not a cow Pa1rGr2.
a-go-tā अ-गओ-तआ
(%{a go4}) f. want of cows RV. AV.
a-guṇa अ-गउणअ
mfn. destitute of qualities or attributes (said of the supreme Being cf. %{nirguṇa}) ; destitute of good qualities ; m. a fault.
a-guṇa-tā अ-गउणअ-तआ
f. or absence of qualities or of good qualities.
a-guṇa-tva अ-गउणअ-तवअ
n. absence of qualities or of good qualities.
a-guṇa-vat अ-गउणअ-वअत
mfn. destitute of qualities ; without good qualities.
a-guṇa-vādin अ-गउणअ-वआदइन
mfn. fault-finding , censorious ,
a-guṇa-ṡila अ-गउणअ-शइलअ
mfn. of a worthless character.
a-gupta अ-गउपतअ
mfn. unhidden , unconcealed ; unprotected ; not keeping a secret.
a-guru अ-गउरउ
mfn. not heavy , light ; (in prosody) short as a short vowel alone or before a single consonant [5,1] ; (%{us} , %{u}) , m.n. the fragrant Aloe wood and tree , Aquilaria Agallocha.
a-gūḍha अ-गऊढअ
mfn. unconcealed , manifest.
a-gūḍha-gandha अ-गऊढअ-गअनधअ
n. Asa Foetida.
a-gūḍha-bhāva अ-गऊढअ-भआवअ
mfn. having a transparent disposition.
a4-gṛbhīta अ4-गऋभईतअ
mfn. not seized or taken unsubdued RV. viii , 79 , 1 TBr.
a4-gṛbhīta-ṡocis अ4-गऋभईतअ-शओचइस
(%{a4gṛbhīta-}) mfn. `" having unsubdued splendour "'N. of Agni and the Maruts RV. v , 54 , 5 and 12 ; viii , 23 , 1 ; (`" having inconceivable splendour "' BR.)
a-gṛha अ-गऋहअ
mfn. houseless.
a-gṛha-tā अ-गऋहअ-तआ
f. houselessness Ta1n2d2yaBr.
a-gocara अ-गओचअरअ
mfn. not within range , unattainable , inaccessible (cf. %{driṣṭy-agocara}) , impeceptible by the senses ; (%{am}) n. anything that is beyond the cognizance of the senses ; Brahma ; the not being seen , absence ; (%{eṇa}) instr. ind. out of the sight of any one (gen.) , behind one's back Hit.
a4-gopā अ4-गओपआ
mfn. without a cowherd , not tended by one RV.
a4-go-rudha अ4-गओ-रउधअ
mfn. not driving away the cow RV. viii , 24 , 20 ; (`" not repelling or disdaining praise "' Sa1y.)
a4-gohya अ4-गओहयअ
(4) mfn. not to be concealed or covered , bright RV.
agaukas अगऔकअस
see 2. %{a-ga}.
agdhā7d अगधआ7द
mfn. (fr. %{a}+ %{gdha} p.p.p. fr %{ghas} + %{ad}) , eating food which is not yet eaten TS. , (Comm.= %{dagdhā7d}.)
agnā अगनआ
(for %{agni} in the following comp.)
agnā-marutau अगनआ-मअरउतऔ
m. du. Agni and Marut Pa1n2. 6-3 , 28 Sch.
agnā-viṣṇū अगनआ-वइषणऊ
voc. m. du. Agni and Vishn2u AV.
agnā4yī अगनआ4यई
f. the wife of Agni , one of the %{deva-patnyaḥ} RV. i , 22 , 12 and v , 46 , 8 ; the Treta1 yuga L.
agni4 अगनइ4
m. ( %{ag} Un2.) fire , sacrificial fire (of three kinds , Ga1rhapatya , A1havani1ya , and Dakshin2a) ; the number three Su1ryas. ; the god of fire , the fire of the stomach , digestive faculty , gastric fluid ; bile L. ; gold L. ; N. of various plants Semicarpus Anacardium Sus3r. , Plumbago Zeylanica and Rosea , Citrus Acida ; mystical substitute for the letter %{r} ; in the Ka1tantra grammar N. of noun-stems ending in %{i} and %{u} [cf. Lat. {igni-s} ; Lith. {ugni-s} ; Slav. {ognj}].
agni4-kaṇa अगनइ4-कअणअ
m. `" fire-particle "' , a spark.
agni4-karman अगनइ4-कअरमअन
n. `" fire-act "' , piling up the wood &c. S3Br. ; action of Agni Nir. ; cauterization Sus3r.
agni4-kalpa अगनइ4-कअलपअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. having the nature of fire S3Br.
agni4-kārikā अगनइ4-कआरइकआ
[L.] f. and kindling or feeding the sacrificial fire with clarified butter &c.
agni4-kārya अगनइ4-कआरयअ
[Mn. &c.] n. kindling or feeding the sacrificial fire with clarified butter &c. ; the prayers said while doing so Katha1s. , cauterization.
agni4-kāṣṭha अगनइ4-कआषठअ
n. Agallochum L.
agni4-kukkuṭa अगनइ4-कउककउटअ
m. a lighted wisp of straw , firebrand L.
agni4-kuṇḍa अगनइ4-कउणडअ
n. a pan with live coals R. ; a hole or enclosed space for the consecrated fire Katha1s.
agni4-kumāra अगनइ4-कउमआरअ
m. a particular preparation of various drugs. N. of a class of Bhavanava1sin deities Jain.
agni4-kṛta अगनइ4-कऋतअ
mfn. made by fire.
agni4-ketu अगनइ4-कएतउ
(%{agni-}) mfn. having fire as an emblem or characteristic mark (Ushas) TS. ; (%{us}) m. N. of a Rakshas R.
agni4-koṇa अगनइ4-कओणअ
m. the south-east quarter , ruled over by Agni L.
agni4-kriḍā अगनइ4-करइडआ
f. `" fire sport "' , fire works , illuminations , &c.
agni4-khadā अगनइ4-खअदआ
f. an infernal pan or stove Ka1ran2d2.
agni4-garbha अगनइ4-गअरभअ
mf(%{ā}) n. pregnant with fire Br2A1rUp. ; m. a gem supposed to contain and give out solar heat (= %{sūrya-kānta}) L. ; N. of a frothy substance on the sea , engendered by the submarine , fire L. ; N. of a man ; (%{ā}) f. the plant Maha1jyotishmati1.
agni4-gṛha अगनइ4-गऋहअ
n. house or place for keeping the sacred fire MBh. ; a room fitted `" with hot-baths Car.
agni4-grantha अगनइ4-गरअनथअ
m. N. of wk.
agni4-ghaṭa अगनइ4-घअटअ
m. N. of a hell Ka1ran2d2.
agni4-caya अगनइ4-चअयअ
[S3ulb.] m. or f. arranging to preparing the sacred or sacrificial fire-place
agni4-cayana अगनइ4-चअयअनअ
n. or arranging to preparing the sacred or sacrificial fire-place
agni4-citi अगनइ4-चइतइ
f. or arranging to preparing the sacred or sacrificial fire-place
agni4-cityā4 अगनइ4-चइतयआ4
[S3Br.] f. arranging to preparing the sacred or sacrificial fire-place ; %{agni-caya} , a heap or mass of fire R.
agni4-ci4t अगनइ4-चइ4त
mfn. arranging the sacrificial fire , or one who has arranged it S3Br. &c. ; %{a4n-} (neg.) S3Br.
agni4-cit-vat अगनइ4-चइत-वअत
mfn. possessing house holders that have prepared a sacred fire-place Pa1n2. 8-2 , 10 Sch.
agni4-ja4 अगनइ4-जअ4
mfn. `" fire-born "' , produced by or in fire AV. MaitrS. ; m. N. of Vishn2u Hariv. ; of a frothy substance on the sea (cf. %{-garbha}) L.
agni4-janman अगनइ4-जअनमअन
m. `" fire-born "' , Skanda , god of war.
agni4-jāra अगनइ4-जआरअ
or m. N. of a frothy substance on the sea (cf. %{-garbha} and %{-ja4}) L.
agni4-jāla अगनइ4-जआलअ
m. N. of a frothy substance on the sea (cf. %{-garbha} and %{-ja4}) L.
agni4-jihva4 अगनइ4-जइहवअ4
mfn. `" having Agni for tongue "' , consuming the sacrifice through Agni RV. [5,2] ; (%{ā4}) f. tongue or flame of fire AV. Mun2d2Up. ; the plant Methonica Superba (La1n3gali1).
agni4-jvalita-tejana अगनइ4-जवअलइतअ-तएजअनअ
mfn. having a point hardened in fire Mn. vii , 90.
agni4-jvāla अगनइ4-जवआलअ
m. N. of S3iva ; (%{ā}) f. flame of fire ; a Plant with red blossoms , used by dyers , Grislea Tomentosa ; Jalapippali1.
agni4-ta4p अगनइ4-तअ4प
mfn. enjoying the warmth of fire RV. v , 61 , 4.
agni4-ta4pas अगनइ4-तअ4पअस
mfn. hot as fire , glowing RV. x , 68 , 6.
agni4-tapta4 अगनइ4-तअपतअ4
mfn. fire-heated , glowing RV. vii , 104 , 5.
agni4-tā अगनइ4-तआ
(%{agni4}) f. the state of fire S3Br.
agni4-tejas अगनइ4-तएजअस
(%{agni4-}) mfn. having the energy of fire or of Agni AV. ; (%{ās}) m. one of the seven R2ishis of the eleventh Manvantara Hariv.
agni4-traya अगनइ4-तरअयअ
n. or the three sacred fires , called respectively Ga1rhapatya , A1havani1ya , and Dakshin2a.
agni4-tretā अगनइ4-तरएतआ
[Mn. MBh.] f. the three sacred fires , called respectively Ga1rhapatya , A1havani1ya , and Dakshin2a.
agni4-trā अगनइ4-तरआ
mfn. see %{a4n-agnitrā}.
agni4-da अगनइ4-दअ
m. `" fire-giver "' , incendiary Mn. Ya1jn5. ; stomachic. 1.
agni4-dagdha अगनइ4-दअगधअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. burnt with fire RV. x , 103 , additional verses S3Br. ; cauterized Sus3r. ; (%{am}) n. a cautery. 2.
agni4-dagdha4 अगनइ4-दअगधअ4
mfn. burnt on a funeral pile RV. x , 15 , 14 TBr. ; (%{ās}) m. pl. a class of Pitr2is who , when on earth , maintained a sacred fire Mn. iii , 199.
agni4-datta अगनइ4-दअततअ
m. N. of a prince ; of a Brahman Katha1s.
agni4-damanī अगनइ4-दअमअनई
f. a narcotic plant , Solanum Jacquini.
agni4-dāyaka अगनइ4-दआयअकअ
m. = %{-da} q.v.
agni4-dāha अगनइ4-दआहअ
m. a particular disease ; a fiery glow (in the sky) Hariv.
agni4-diṡ अगनइ4-दइश
f. Agni's quarter , the south-east
agni4-dīpana अगनइ4-दईपअनअ
mf(%{ī})n. stomachic Sus3r.
agni4-dīpta अगनइ4-दईपतअ
mfn. blazing , glowing ; (%{ā}) f. the plant Maha1jyotishmati1.
agni4-dīpti अगनइ4-दईपतइ
f. active state of digestion Sus3r.
agni4-dūta अगनइ4-दऊतअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. having Agni for a messenger , brought by Agni RV. x , 14 , 13 AV.
agni4-dūṣita अगनइ4-दऊषइतअ
mfn. `" fire-marked "' , branded.
agni4-deva अगनइ4-दएवअ
m. Agni , (%{ā}) f. = - %{nakṣatra4} , q.v. L.
agni4-devata अगनइ4-दएवअतअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. having Agni for deity S3Br.
agni4-daivata अगनइ4-दऐवअतअ
n. %{-nakṣatra4} q.v. VarBr2S.
agni4-dh अगनइ4-ध
(%{agni4-dh} , %{dh} for %{i4dh} cf. %{agnī74dh}) m. the priest who kindles the sacred fire RV. ii 1 , 2 ; x , 41 , 3 ; 91 , 10.
agni4-dhā4na अगनइ4-धआ4नअ
n. receptacle for the sacred fire RV. x , 165 , 3 AV.
agni4-nakṣatra4 अगनइ4-नअकषअतरअ4
n. the third lunar mansion the Pleiades (Kr2ittika1) S3Br.
agni4-nayana अगनइ4-नअयअनअ
n. the act of bringing out the sacrificial fire.
agni4-niryāsa अगनइ4-नइरयआसअ
m. = %{-jāra}.
agni4-nunna अगनइ4-नउननअ
(%{agni4}) mfn. struck by fire or lightning SV.
agni4-netra अगनइ4-नएतरअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. having Agni for a guide VS.
agni4-pakva अगनइ4-पअकवअ
mfn. cooked on the fire Mn.
agni4-pada अगनइ4-पअदअ
m. whose foot has stepped on the sacrificial fire place "'N. of a horse La1t2y. Vait.
agni4-parikriyā अगनइ4-पअरइकरइयआ
f. care of the sacred fire Mn. ii , 67.
agni4-paricchada अगनइ4-पअरइचछअदअ
m. the whole apparatus of a fire-sacrifice Mn. vi , 4.
agni4-paridhāna अगनइ4-पअरइधआनअ
n. enclosing the sacrificial fire with a kind of screen.
agni4-parikṣā अगनइ4-पअरइकषआ
f. ordeal by fire.
agni4-parvata अगनइ4-पअरवअतअ
m. `" fire-mountain "' , a volcano R.
agni4-puccha अगनइ4-पउचछअ
n. tail or extreme point of , a sacrificial fire (arranged in the shape of a bird) A1s3vS3r.
agni4-purā4 अगनइ4-पउरआ4
f. the castle of Agni S3Br.
agni4-purāṇa अगनइ4-पउरआणअ
n. N. of a Pura1n2a.
agni4-purogama अगनइ4-पउरओगअमअ
mfn. having Agni for a leader.
agni4-praṇayana अगनइ4-परअणअयअनअ
n. = %{-nayana} q.v.
agni4-praṇayanīya अगनइ4-परअणअयअनईयअ
mfn. referring to the %{-praṇayana}.
agni4-pratiṣṭhā अगनइ4-परअतइषठआ
f. consecration of fire , especially of the nuptial fire.
agni4-prabhā अगनइ4-परअभआ
f. a venomous insect Sus3r.
agni4-praveṡa अगनइ4-परअवएशअ
m. or entering the fire , self immolation of a widow on her husband's funeral pile.
agni4-praveṡana अगनइ4-परअवएशअनअ
n. entering the fire , self immolation of a widow on her husband's funeral pile.
agni4-prastara अगनइ4-परअसतअरअ
m. a fire-producing stone ; flint L.
agni4-prāyaṡcitta अगनइ4-परआयअशचइततअ
n. or an expiatory act during the preparation of the sacrificial fire.
agni4-prāyaṡcitti4 अगनइ4-परआयअशचइततइ4
[S3Br.] f. an expiatory act during the preparation of the sacrificial fire.
agni4-bāhu अगनइ4-बआहउ
m. smoke [cf. %{-vāha}] L.N. of a son of the first Manu Hariv. ; N. of a son of Priyavrata and Ka1mya1 VP.
agni4-bīja अगनइ4-बईजअ
n. gold L. ; N. of the letter %{r} Ra1matUp.
agni4-bha अगनइ4-भअ
n. `" shining like fire , gold L.
agni4-bhu अगनइ4-भउ
n. `" fire produced "' , water L.
agni4-bhū अगनइ4-भऊ
m. Skanda L. ; N. of a Vedic teacher , with the patron. Ka1s3yapa VBr. ; (in arithm.) six.
agni4-bhūti अगनइ4-भऊतइ
m. N. of one of the eleven chief pupils (gan2adharas) of the last Tirthakara.
agni4-bhrājas अगनइ4-भरआजअस
(%{agni4-}) mfn. possessing fiery splendour RV. v , 54 , 11.
agni4-maṇi अगनइ4-मअणइ
m. the sun-stone (= %{surya-kānta}).
agni4-ma4t अगनइ4-मअ4त
mfn. being near the fire AV. (RV. has %{va4t}) ; having or maintaining a sacrificial fire Mn. &c. ; having a good digestion Sus3r.
agni4-mantha अगनइ4-मअनथअ
mfn. producing fire by friction ; m. Premna Spinosa Sus3r.
agni4-manthana अगनइ4-मअनथअनअ
n. production of fire by friction A1s3vS3r.
agni4-manthanīya अगनइ4-मअनथअनईयअ
mfn. relating to such friction ib.
agni4-ma4ya अगनइ4-मअ4यअ
mf(%{ī}) n. fiery S3Br. AitBr.
agni4-māṭhara अगनइ4-मआठअरअ
m. N. of an expounder of the R2ig-veda VP.
agni4-māndya अगनइ4-मआनदयअ
n. slowness of digestion , dyspepsia.
agni4-māruti अगनइ4-मआरउतइ
m. N. of Agastya L. ; cf. %{āgnimāruta}.
agni4-mitra अगनइ4-मइतरअ
m. N. of a prince of the Sun3ga , dynasty , son of Pushyamitra VP.
agni4-m-indha4 अगनइ4-म-इनधअ4
(%{agnim-indha4}) m. the priest who kindles the fire RV. i , 162 , 5.
agni4-mukha अगनइ4-मउखअ
(%{agni-}) mfn. having Agni for the mouth S3Br. ; m. a deity , a Bra1hman2a , a tonic medicine L. [5,3] ; Semicarpus Anacardium ; Plumbago Zeylanica L. ; N. of a bug Pan5cat. ; (%{ī}) f. Semicarpus Anacardium ; Gloriosa (or Methonica) Superba.
agni4-mūḍha अगनइ4-मऊढअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. made insane by Agni RV. x , 103 , additional verses AV.
agni4-yuta अगनइ4-यउतअ
m. N. of the author of the hymn x , 116 in the R2ig-veda.
agni4-yojana अगनइ4-यओजअनअ
n. the act of stirring the sacrificial fire (to make it blaze up).
agni4-rakṣaṇa अगनइ4-रअकषअणअ
n. maintenance of the sacred domestic fire.
agni4-raja अगनइ4-रअजअ
or m. a scarlet insect L.
agni4-rajas अगनइ4-रअजअस
m. a scarlet insect L.
agni4-rahasya अगनइ4-रअहअसयअ
n. `" mystery of Agni "' , title of the tenth book of the S3atapatha-Bra1hman2a.
agni4-rājan अगनइ4-रआजअन
mfn. pl. `" having Agni as king "'N. of the Vastus S3a1n3khS3r.
agni4-rā4ṡi अगनइ4-रआ4शइ
m. a heap or mass of fire , a burning pile.
agni4-ruhā अगनइ4-रउहआ
f. the plant Ma1n6sarohin2l.
agni4-rūpa अगनइ4-रऊपअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. fire-shaped RV. x , 84 , 1 ; (%{agni-rū4pa}) n. a shape of fire S3Br.
agni4-retasa4 अगनइ4-रएतअसअ4
mfn. sprung from Agni's seed S3Br.
agni4-rohiṇī अगनइ4-रओहइणई
f. a hard inflammatory swelling in the arm-pit Sus3r.
agni4-loka अगनइ4-लओकअ
m. the world of Agni KaushUp.
agni4-va4t अगनइ4-वअ4त
mfn. being near the fire RV. vii , 104 , 2 (= %{-ma4t} q.v.) ; `" joined to (another) fire "'N. of Agni TS.
agni4-varcas अगनइ4-वअरचअस
m. N. of a teacher of the Pura1n2as VP.
agni4-varṇa अगनइ4-वअरणअ
mf(%{ā})n. having the colour of fire ; hot , fiery (said of liquors) Mn. xi , 90 and 91 ; m. N. of a prince , son of Sudars3ana.
agni4-vardhaka अगनइ4-वअरधअकअ
or mfn. promoting digestion , stomachic.
agni4-vardhana अगनइ4-वअरधअनअ
mfn. promoting digestion , stomachic.
agni4-vallabha अगनइ4-वअललअभअ
m. the tree Shorea Robusta ; its resinous juice.
agni4-vāṇa अगनइ4-वआणअ
m. a fiery arrow.
agni4-vādin अगनइ4-वआदइन
m. `" fire-asserter "' , worshipper of fire.
agni4-vārtta अगनइ4-वआरततअ
mfn. gaining a livelihood by fire [as a blacksmith &c.] VarBr2S.
agni4-vāsas अगनइ4-वआसअस
(%{agni4-}) mfn. wearing a fiery or red garment AV.
agni4-vāha अगनइ4-वआहअ
m. the vehicle of fire i.e. smoke L.
agni4-vidhā4 अगनइ4-वइधआ4
f. manner or fashion of fire S3Br.
agni4-vimocana अगनइ4-वइमओचअनअ
n. the act of lowering the sacrificial fire (by spreading it out).
agni4-visarpa अगनइ4-वइसअरपअ
m. spread of inflammation (in a tumour).
agni4-vikaraṇa अगनइ4-वइकअरअणअ
n. removing the sacrificial fire from the A1gnidhra to the Sadas Man2d2apa
agni4-virya अगनइ4-वइरयअ
n. gold L.
agni4-vṛddhi अगनइ4-वऋदधइ
f. improvement of digestion.
agni4-vetāla अगनइ4-वएतआलअ
m. N. of a Veta1la (connected with the story of king Vikrama1ditya).
agni4-vela अगनइ4-वएलअ
f. the time at which the fire is kindled , afternoon A1s3vGr2.
agni4-veṡa अगनइ4-वएशअ
m. N. of an ancient medical authority ; also of other persons.
agni4-veṡman अगनइ4-वएशमअन
m. the fourteenth day of the Karma-ma1sa Su1ryapr.
agni4-veṡya अगनइ4-वएशयअ
m. N. of a teacher MBh. ; N. of the 22nd muhu1rta Su1ryapr.
agni4-saraṇa अगनइ4-सअरअणअ
or f. house or place for keeping , the sacrificial fire.
agni4-ṡā4la अगनइ4-शआ4लअ
[AV.] n. or house or place for keeping , the sacrificial fire.
agni4-ṡālā अगनइ4-शआलआ
f. house or place for keeping , the sacrificial fire.
agni4-ṡarman अगनइ4-शअरमअन
m. N. of a man.
agni4-sikha अगनइ4-सइखअ
mfn. having a point like fire (an arrow) R. ; m. an arrow ; a lamp ; a safflower plant L. ; saffron L. ; N. of Vararuci's father Katha1s. ; of a Veta1la Katha1s. ; (%{am}) n. saffron L. , gold L.
agni4-sikhā अगनइ4-सइखआ
f. a flame S3Br. &c. , the plants Gloriosa Superba and Menispermum Cordifolium.
agni4-ṡuṡrūṣā अगनइ4-शउशरऊषआ
f. attention to the sacrificial fire Mn. ii , 248.
agni4-sekhara अगनइ4-सएखअरअ
n. saffron
agni4-ṡeṣa अगनइ4-शएषअ
m. appendix to the chapter on Agni in the Taittiriya-Sam2hita1.
agni4-ṡra अगनइ4-शरअ
m(nom. pl. %{-sri4yas})fn. having the brightness of Agni RV. iii , 26 , 5 [`" approaching the fire (of lightning) "' Sa1y.]
agni4-sroṇi अगनइ4-सरओणइ
f. leg of the sacrificial altar Ka1tySr.
agni4-ṣṭut अगनइ4-षटउत
m. `" laudatory of Agni "' , the first day of the Agnisht2oma sacrifice , one day of the Sattra Pan5cadasara1tra S3Br. &c. ; N. of a son of the sixth Manu , Ca1kshusha (by Nad2vala1) VP. Hariv. [v.l. %{-ṣṭubh}].
agni4-ṣṭoma4 अगनइ4-षटओमअ4
m. `" praise of Agni "'N. of a protracted ceremony or sacrifice (forming one of the chief modifications , [%{saṃsthās}] of the Jyotisht2oma offered by one who is desirous of obtaining heaven ; the performer is a Brahman who maintains the sacred fire , the offering is the Soma , the deities to whom , the offering is made are Indra &c. , the number of priests required is 16 , the ceremonies continue for five , days) ; a mantra or kalpa connected with the Agnisht2oma L. ; (%{agni ṣṭoma}) %{-yājin} mfn. one who has performed the Agnisht2oma ; %{-sa4d} mfn. performing the Agnisht2oma ; %{-sa4dya} n. the performance of Agnisht2oma S3Br. ; %{-sāma4} m. and %{-sama4n} n. the passage of the Sa1ma-veda chanted at the Agnisht2oma ; %{-hotra} n. title of a Vedic text.
agni4-ṣṭha4 अगनइ4-षठअ4
mfn. placed in , or over , near the fire ; m. a pan , fire-pan R. [cf. %{-ṣṭhikā}] ; a vehicle carrying the fire A1pS3r. ; (in the As3vamedha sacrifice) the eleventh Yu1pa or sacrificial post , which (of all the twenty-one) is nearest the fire S3Br. ; (%{ā4}) f. that corner of the sacrificial post which (of all the eight) is nearest the fire S3Br.
agni4-ṣṭhikā अगनइ4-षठइकआ
f. a fire-pan [cf. %{-ṣṭha}].
agni4-ṣvātta4 अगनइ4-षवआततअ4
[in Epic and later texts %{-svātta}] , a1s m. pl. `" tasted by the funeral fire "' , the Manes RV. x , 15 , 11 VS. S3Br. ; in later texts N. of a class of Manes (who on earth neglected the sacrificial fire) MBh. &c. [6,1]
agni4-saṃskāra अगनइ4-सअंसकआरअ
m. the consecration of fire ; performance of any rite in which the application of fire is essential , as the burning of a dead body Mn. Ragh.
agni4-sakha अगनइ4-सअखअ
m. `" friend of fire "' , the wind L.
agni4-saṃkāṡa अगनइ4-सअंकआशअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. resplendent like fire S3Br.
agni4-sajjā अगनइ4-सअजजआ
f.? indigestion Sus3r.
agni4-saṃcaya अगनइ4-सअंचअयअ
m. preparing the sacrificial fire-place ; see %{-cayana}.
agni4-sambhava अगनइ4-सअमभअवअ
mfn. produced from fire ; m. wild safflower L. ; = %{-jāra} ; `" the result of digestion , chyme or chyle L.
agni4-saras अगनइ4-सअरअस
n. N. of a Tirtha Va1rP.
agni4-sava4 अगनइ4-सअवअ4
m. consecration of the fire TS. S3Br.
agni4-sahāya अगनइ4-सअहआयअ
m. `" friend of fire "' , the wind ; a wild pigeon L.
agni4-sākṣika अगनइ4-सआकषइकअ
mfn. taking Agni or the domestic or nuptial fire for a witness R. &c. %{-sākṣika-maryāda} mfn. one who taking Agni for a witness gives a solemn promise of conjugal fidelity.
agni4-sāda अगनइ4-सआदअ
m. weakness of digestion Sus3r.
agni4-sāra अगनइ4-सआरअ
n. a medicine for the eyes , a collyrium L.
agni4-sāvarṇi अगनइ4-सआवअरणइ
m. N. of a Manu L.
agni4-siṃha अगनइ4-सइMहअ
m. N. of the father of the seventh black Va1sudeva Jain.
agni4-sūtra अगनइ4-सऊतरअ
n. thread of fire ; a girdle of sacrificial grass put upon a young Bra1hman at his investiture L.
agni4-stambha अगनइ4-सतअमभअ
agni4-stambhana अगनइ4-सतअमभअनअ
n. the (magical) quenching of fire.
agni4-stoka अगनइ4-सतओकअ
m. a particle of fire , spark.
agni4-svātta अगनइ4-सवआततअ
see %{-ṣvātta4}.
agni4-havana अगनइ4-हअवअनअ
n. a sacrificial libation Gaut.
agni4-hu4t अगनइ4-हउ4त
[VS.] or mfn. sacrificed by fire.
agni4-huta अगनइ4-हउतअ
mfn. sacrificed by fire.
agni4-hotṛ अगनइ4-हओतऋ
(%{agni4}) m. having Agni for a priest RV. x , 66 , 8. 1.
agni4-hotra अगनइ4-हओतरअ
(%{agni4-}) mfn. sacrificing to Agni AV. vi , 97 , 1 ; (%{ī4}) f. the cow destined for the Agnihotra S3Br. AitBr. ; (%{agni} , %{hotri}) %{-vatsa4} m. her calf. S3Br. 2.
agni4-hotra4 अगनइ4-हओतरअ4
n. AV. &c. oblation to Agni (chiefly of milk , oil , and sour gruel ; there are two kinds of Agnihotra , one is %{nitya} i.e. of constant obligation , the other %{kāmya} i.e. optional) ; the sacred fire Mn. Ya1jn5. &c. ; (%{agnihotra}) %{-devatā} f. the deity of the Agnihotra ; %{tva4} n. the state of the Agnihotra MaitrS. ; %{-sthālī4} f. a pot used at the Agnihotra S3Br. ; %{-ha4vanī} f. a spoon used at the Agnihotra S3Br. A1s3vGr2. ; %{-hu4t} , offering the Agnihotra AV. ; %{-homa} m. a libation at the Agnihotra Ka1tySr. ; %{agnihotrāyaṇin} mfn. one who offers only the Agnihotra Ka1tyS3r. ; %{agnihotra7vṛt} f. (see %{āvṛt}) the mere Agnihotra without recitation of Vedic formulas Ka1tyS3r. ; %{agnihotrā7huti4} [S3Br. cf. %{āhuti}] and %{agniḥotre7ṣṭi} [Ka1tyS3r. cf. %{iṣṭi}] f. a libation or offering at the Agnihotra ; %{agnihotro7cchiṣṭa4} [S3Br.] and %{agnihotro7ccheṣaṇa4} [TS.] , n. the remains of the Agnihotra
agni4-hotri4n अगनइ4-हओतरइ4न
mfn. practising the Agnihotra , maintaining the sacrificial fire S3Br. &c.
agni4-homa अगनइ4-हओमअ
m. oblation put into the fire Ka1tyS3r.
agni4-hvara4 अगनइ4-हवअरअ4
mfn.? making a mistake in the fire-ceremonial MaitrS.
agnī74dh अगनई74ध
m. the priest who kindles the fire VS. S3Br. AitBr. [cf. %{agnidh}].
agnī7dhra अगनई7धरअ
m. (= %{agni-bāhu})N. of two men.
agnī7ndrau4 अगनई7नदरऔ4
m. du. Agni and Indra VS.
agnī7ndhana अगनई7नधअनअ
n. kindling or feeding the fire Mn. &c.
agnī-parjanyau अगनई-पअरजअनयऔ
Voc. m. du. Agni and Parjanya RV. vi , 52 , 16.
agnī-va4ruṇau अगनई-वअ4रउणऔ
m. du. Agni and Varun2a S3Br.
agnī-ṣo4mā अगनई-षओ4मआ
or m. du. Agni and Soma RV. AV. VS.
agnī-ṣo4mau अगनई-षओ4मऔ
m. du. Agni and Soma RV. AV. VS. ; (%{agnīṣoma}) %{-praṇayana} n. bringing out the fire and the Soma , a ceremony in the Jyotisht2oma sacrifice.
agnīṣomiya अगनईषओमइयअ
mfn. related or sacred to Agni and Soma AV. &c. , (%{agniṣomiya}) %{-nirvāpa} m. making libations with the cake sacred to Agni and Soma , a ceremony in the Dars3apu1rn2ama1sa sacrifice ; %{-paṡu} m. a victim , generally a sheep or goat , sacred to Agni and Soma %{-paṡv-anuṣṭhāna} n. the rite connected with that victim at the Jyotisht2oma sacrifice ; %{-puroḍāṡa} m. cake sacred to Agni and Soma (baked in eleven bowls) ; %{-yāga} m. one of the three sacrifices of the Pu1rn2ama1sa ; %{agniṣomiyai9kādasa-kapāta} m. cake sacred to Agni and Soma see above.
agny-agāra4 अगनय-अगआरअ4
[S3Br. &c.] or m. house or place for keeping the sacred fire.
agny-āgāra अगनय-आगआरअ
m. house or place for keeping the sacred fire.
see %{agny-agāra4}.
agny-abhāva अगनय-अभआवअ
m. absence or want of the sacred fire ; loss of appetite.
agny-arci4s अगनय-अरचइ4स
f. or n. flame S3Br.
agny-ātmaka अगनय-आतमअकअ
mf(%{ikā}) n. having Agni's nature.
agny-ādhāna अगनय-आधआनअ
[KaushBr.] or n. placing the fire on the sacrificial fire-place
agny-ādheya अगनय-आधएयअ
[AV. Mn. &c.] n. placing the fire on the sacrificial fire-place ; the ceremony of preparing the three sacred fires A1havaniya &c. ; (%{agnyādheya}) %{-devatā} f. the deity of the Agnya1dheya ceremony Pa1rGr2. ; %{-rūpa4} n. form or shape of the Agnya1dheya S3Br. ; %{-ṡarkarā4} , %{ā4s} f. pl. (figuratively) bad performance of the A�Agnya1dheya S3Br. ; %{-havis} n. an oblation at the Agnya1dheya S3Br.
agny-ālaya अगनय-आलअयअ
m. = %{agny-agāra4}.
agny-āhita अगनय-आहइतअ
m. one who has performed the Agnya1dha1na R. &c.
agny-utpāta अगनय-उतपआतअ
m. a fiery portent Car. ; a conflagration Pa1rGr2.
agny-utsādin अगनय-उतसआदइन
mfn. one who lets the sacred fire go out.
agny-uddharaṇa अगनय-उदधअरअणअ
n. taking the sacred fire from its usual place (previous to a sacrifice). [6,2]
agny-upasthāna4 अगनय-उपअसथआनअ4
n. worship of Agni at the conclusion of the Agnihotra &c. S3Br.
agny-edha4 अगनय-एधअ4
m. one who kindles the fire VS.
agnika अगनइकअ
m. a plant , probably Semecarpus Anacardium ; a kind of serpent Sus3r. ; an insect of scarlet colour , Coccinella ; (%{am}) , u. the Acayou-nut Sus3r.
agni4sāt अगनइ4सआत
ind. to the state of fire (used in comp. with 1. %{kṛ} and %{bhū} e.g. %{agnisāt kṛ} , to reduce to fire , to consume by fire) cf. %{bhasmasāt}.
agman अगमअन
%{a} n. conflict , battle L. ; (connected with %{ajman} q.v.)
a4gra अ4गरअ
mfn. (fr. %{aṅg} Un2.) , foremost , anterior , first , prominent , projecting , chief , best L. ; supernumerary L. ; (%{ā}) f. [scil. %{rekhā}] measure of amplitude (i.e. the distance from the extremity of the gnomon-shadow to the line of the equinoctial shadow) Su1ryas. ; (%{am}) n. foremost point or part ; tip ; front ; uppermost part , top , summit , surface ; point ; and hence , figuratively , sharpness ; the nearest end , the beginning ; the climax or best part ; goal , aim ; multitude L. ; a weight , equal to a pala L. ; a measure of food given as alms L. ; (in astron.) the sun's amplitude ; (%{am}) ind. in front , before , ahead of ; (%{a4greṇa}) ind. in front , before (without or with acc.) S3Br. ; (a4gre) ind. in front , ahead of , in the beginning , first ; further on , subsequently , below (in a book) ; from - up to (%{ā}) S3Br. , before (in time) AitUp. &c. [cf. Gk. $].
a4gra-kara अ4गरअ-कअरअ
m. the fore &1592[6 ,2] part of the hand , finger ; first ray S3is3.
a4gra-kāya अ4गरअ-कआयअ
m. the fore part of the body.
a4gra-ga अ4गरअ-गअ
m. a leader.
a4gra-gaṇya अ4गरअ-गअणयअ
mfn. to be counted or regarded as the foremost , principal.
a4gra-gāmin अ4गरअ-गआमइन
mfn. preceding , taking the lead.
a4gra-grāsikā अ4गरअ-गरआसइकआ
f. the claim or right to the first morsel Pa1n2. 3-3 , iii Ka1s3.
a4gra-ja अ4गरअ-जअ
(cf. %{jā4}) mfn. born first or earlier m. the first-born , an elder brother Mn. &c. ; a Brahman VarBr2S. &c. ; (%{ā}) f. an elder sister.
a4gra-jaṅghā अ4गरअ-जअङघआ
f. the fore part of the leg , the shin-bone L.
a4gra-janman अ4गरअ-जअनमअन
m. the first-born , an elder brother , a Brahman Mn. Ya1jn5. &c. ; a member of one of the three highest castes L. ; Brahma1.
a4gra-jā4 अ4गरअ-जआ4
mfn. first-born RV. ix , 5 , 9.
a4gra-jātaka अ4गरअ-जआतअकअ
or m. a Brahman L.
a4gra-jāti अ4गरअ-जआतइ
m. a Brahman L.
a4gra-jihva4 अ4गरअ-जइहवअ4
n. tip of the tongue VS.
a4gra-jyā अ4गरअ-जयआ
f. sine of the amplitude Su1ryas.
a4gra-ṇī अ4गरअ-णई
mfn. taking the lead , foremost ; N. of an Agni MBh.
a4gra-ṇīti अ4गरअ-णईतइ
(%{a4gra-}) f. the first offering RV. ii , 11 , 14.
a4gra-ta4s अ4गरअ-तअ4स
ind. ; see col. 3.
a4gra-tirtha अ4गरअ-तइरथअ
m. N. of a prince MBh.
a4gra-dātṛ अ4गरअ-दआतऋ
mfn. offering the best bits (to the gods) MBh.
a4gra-dānin अ4गरअ-दआनइन
m. a degraded Bra1hman who receives presents from Su1dras , or takes things previously offered to the dead BrahmaP.
a4gra-didhiṣu4 अ4गरअ-दइधइषउ4
m. = %{agre-didhiṣu} TBr.
a4gra-nakha अ4गरअ-नअखअ
m. tip of a nail R. ; cf. %{nakhā7gra}.
a4gra-nāsikā अ4गरअ-नआसइकआ
f. tip of the nose R. ; cf. %{nāsikā7gra}.
a4gra-nirūpaṇa अ4गरअ-नइरऊपअणअ
n. determining beforehand , prophecy.
a4gra-parṇī अ4गरअ-पअरणई
f. cowage , Carpopogon Pruriens.
a4gra-pā अ4गरअ-पआ
mfn. drinking first MBh.
a4gra-pāṇi अ4गरअ-पआणइ
m. fore part of the hand ; the right hand L.